Default options aren't applied to inputs generated with input_field #712

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I ran into a use case where I needed the default options passed to simple_form_for to apply to fields generated with input_field. For example:

simple_form_for(@user, defaults: { disabled: true }) do |f|
  f.input :first_name
  f.input_field :last_name

will only include the "disabled=true" attribute for first_name, but not last_name.

This feels like unexpected behavior. In my application, I am displaying a form either with all inputs disabled or all inputs enabled, and some of my inputs are generated with input_field.

I perused the codebase to figure out why this might be the case, and I found this test in input_field_test.rb:

  test 'builder input_field should not modify the options hash' do
    options = { :id => 'name_input', :class => 'name' }

    with_concat_form_for(@user) do |f|
      f.input_field :name, options

    assert_select ''
    assert_equal({ :id => 'name_input', :class => 'name' }, options)

Is there a reason input_field should not modify the options hash at all?

I'm happy to add default option behavior to input_field, but I want to first see whether there's an important reason this feature doesn't already exist.


This is a bug. If you want to make the patch please go ahead


About the options hash, we prefer to not modify the arguments inside the methods. If we modify we can't reuse the same hash object for successive calls.

options = { class: 'foo' }

f.input_fields :name, options
f.label :name, options

@smidwap thanks for the pull request!

@nashby nashby closed this Dec 26, 2012
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