Allow to set the class for collection_wrapper_tag #346

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The class can be set with a configuration option and/or on input fields.


Hey mate,

We're fine with this, I'm just wondering whether we should override the default class when one is given as argument, or we should concat both classes together. What do you think?


I had the same doubt and I was not able to solve it! :-) Anyway having more flexibility could be useful, so if you want I can modify the code to concat default and given class.


I think it's better to have this flexibility, keeping the "default class" and adding a new one if you send one inline. This keeps things more consistent with the other components.




@carlosantoniodasilva how about this? Can I merge it?


@mfila Thanks for your work on this.

@rafaelfranca Please, go ahead :)

Success! 👍

@rafaelfranca rafaelfranca merged commit 6c283ec into plataformatec:master Nov 5, 2011
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