Twitter Bootstrap integration

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Twitter Bootstrap integration

Disclaimer - SimpleForm 2.0

We are working on the Twitter Bootstrap integration on the master branch. You can see an example application here:

We would be very happy if you could use Simpleform master and open up issues for whatever you find!

If you want to try another solution in the section below has a tutorial about integration with SimpleForm 1.5 made by our contributors.

Simple Form 1.5


Instructions for (probably half-baked) Twitter Bootstrap integration (SimpleForm 1.5):

  1. Create lib/simple_form/contained_input_component.rb with the following code:

    module SimpleForm module Components module ContainedInput def contained_input '

    ' + input + (error.nil? ? '' : error) + '
    ' end end end module Inputs class Base include SimpleForm::Components::ContainedInput end end end
  2. In config/initializers/simple_form.rb, modify options like this (via

    config.components = [ :label, :contained_input ] SimpleForm.wrapper_class = 'control-group' SimpleForm.wrapper_error_class = 'error' SimpleForm.label_class = 'control-label' SimpleForm.error_class = 'help-inline' SimpleForm.form_class = 'form-horizontal'

  3. Add the following to the end of config/initializers/simple_form.rb (before the last end):

    require 'simple_form/contained_input_component.rb'

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