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@dansperfect dansperfect Updated Upgrading to Simple Form 2.0 (markdown) Aug 24, 2016 f065a5e
@dansperfect dansperfect Added a simple example that could be used in a partial to import in to views. Aug 24, 2016 b57c94a
@FottyM FottyM I followed this line by line I realized that since rails 5 there is just this mall change to add so that it works. Aug 21, 2016 37ffcde
@kikikiblue kikikiblue Updated Nested Models (markdown) Aug 4, 2016 79d3c27
@countingpine countingpine Remove errant apostrophe Jul 19, 2016 89bebbf
@abreckner abreckner Updated Nested Models (markdown) Jun 22, 2016 b71c52d
@alexisraca alexisraca Updated Custom Wrappers (markdown) May 29, 2016 c60f21e
@rndstr rndstr Do not hide label for :boolean inputs Apr 30, 2016 204de72
@Erowlin Erowlin New syntax Mar 25, 2016 8c5e09a
@igneus igneus tiny grammar improvement Mar 14, 2016 e36fafc
@IgorMarques IgorMarques Update nested entity building Mar 1, 2016 6bd98ac
@justinxreese justinxreese The period at the end of the title causes link parsers to not link to the page correctly Feb 26, 2016 8fae2a9
@aeturnumfluctus aeturnumfluctus Updated Creating a minimalist form (no labels just placeholders) (markdown) Feb 13, 2016 aa0d76e
@BenR1312 BenR1312 Updated Errors not connected with visible fields (markdown) Feb 1, 2016 d9e50cd
@JustusLauten JustusLauten Fixed small copy and paste errors Jan 21, 2016 dd79588
@spaquet spaquet Took some idea for solution 2 here http://nandovieira.com/using-postgresql-and-jsonb-with-ruby-on-rails I think it is worth it for "simple cases" where limited and known filed are stored in a JSON object. Jan 3, 2016 1c6be8d
@jackrr jackrr Date time picker input accepts custom attributes Nov 5, 2015 c7ecd2c
@ssjr ssjr Change line number of variables reference Sep 17, 2015 8e8aa1d
@matiasleidemer matiasleidemer Change `f.errors` to `f.error`, since it's correct method name Jul 18, 2015 15fd6d7
@jmarceli jmarceli Created check_boxes input preselection (markdown) Jun 8, 2015 43ab0cb
@maxcal maxcal Updated Nested inputs for key value hash attributes. (markdown) May 23, 2015 7402c2e
@maxcal maxcal Created Nested inputs for key/value hash attributes. (markdown) May 23, 2015 dc9126a
@kris-luminar kris-luminar replaces unreadable nested ternary with conditional May 5, 2015 f5f4de4
@jmarceli jmarceli Created Errors not connected with visible fields (markdown) Apr 22, 2015 5913376
@denispeplin denispeplin Place icon example inside controls wrapper Apr 17, 2015 bf3fb9b
@denispeplin denispeplin Eliminate warnings Apr 17, 2015 bb5dcc1
@denispeplin denispeplin Eliminate warning Apr 17, 2015 ede43c9
@jmarceli jmarceli Updated Foundation 5 & simple_form 3 check boxes (markdown) Apr 2, 2015 3490281
@jmarceli jmarceli Updated Foundation 5 & simple_form 3 check boxes (markdown) Apr 2, 2015 7f0a994
@jmarceli jmarceli Created Foundation 5 & simple_form 3 check boxes (markdown) Mar 25, 2015 cc8634f