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@jmarceli jmarceli Created Errors not connected with visible fields (markdown) 5913376
@denispeplin denispeplin Place icon example inside controls wrapper bf3fb9b
@denispeplin denispeplin Eliminate warnings bb5dcc1
@denispeplin denispeplin Eliminate warning ede43c9
@jmarceli jmarceli Updated Foundation 5 & simple_form 3 check boxes (markdown) 3490281
@jmarceli jmarceli Updated Foundation 5 & simple_form 3 check boxes (markdown) 7f0a994
@jmarceli jmarceli Created Foundation 5 & simple_form 3 check boxes (markdown) cc8634f
@fionaom fionaom Updated Adding custom components (markdown) 33da977
@ajaya ajaya Fix the mailing list link. 27a45ca
@lolomet lolomet Wrappers were incorrectly labelled. 515bc8f
@matifol matifol Mispelling. Replaced test with text 07b68a2
@Aerlinger Aerlinger Fix typos e033cc6
@musaffa musaffa replacing string with safebuffer eliminates the need for html_safe 405a4a8
@kartikluke kartikluke Include wrapper_options 5a322a2
@korun korun `placeholder` attribute is not using for checkbox inputs 8d971cc
@benlinton benlinton Minor tweaks. aec17f0
@benlinton benlinton Destroyed Resources (markdown) a54b5f9
@benlinton benlinton Destroyed Guides (markdown) 5b7c610
@benlinton benlinton Destroyed FAQ (markdown) a1464ea
@benlinton benlinton Update wiki footer. e47c290
@benlinton benlinton Improve headers for improved readability. 3996eb0
@benlinton benlinton Move Resources into the home page. 2fc5265
@benlinton benlinton Move FAQ onto the home page. d42537a
@benlinton benlinton Move community guides into home page. 4c51420
@benlinton benlinton Destroyed _Sidebar (markdown) f794171
@benlinton benlinton Consolidate sections into one page for improved usability. 41fe15a
@tsigo tsigo Added a "Between" input example b0cc4ec
@ck3g ck3g Add argument to avoid deprecation warning 2aa95a2
@IanVaughan IanVaughan Tidy code examples 86d216b
@IanVaughan IanVaughan Removed text 76dfb59
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