Jekyll based blog
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We use now


Platanus Blog


Now we host our blog in medium and use their plaform to write

Usaremos Jekyll para generar nuestro blog como un sitio estático.

Using the command line

Running server in development

To run jekyll on development just run the following. This will let you browse the blog in locahost:4000

jekyll serve --drafts

# to run with docker
Create a post
jekyll post <post title>

Will create a new post in the _posts folder, ready to be published right away

Create a draft

Will create a new post in the _drafts folder, without the timestamp. This is the prefered way to create a post.

jekyll draft <draft post title>
Publish a draft

This will move the draft to the _posts folder and add the corresponding timestamp.

jekyll publish _draft/<draft file>


To publish just merge a a branch to the master branch and the blog will be automatically rebuild and published