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jQuery plugin to encourage strong user passwords
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Matthew Hirst authored


Naked Password

Simple jQuery plugin to improve security on passwords.


Naked password is extremely easy to use. All thats needed is for you to attach nakedPassword(); to one or all of your password fields.


Naked password comes with two default sets of images (male and female). They are set using either an m or a f in front of the image name. These can be switched using the 'sex' variable. It defaults to

$("input:password").nakedPassword({sex: "f"});

$("input:password").nakedPassword({sex: "m"});

Naked password assumes that the images are uploaded in a publicly accessible folder called “images/”. You can overwrite the images path as follows:

$("input:password").nakedPassword({path: "/new_image_path/"});

And thats it! Feel free to fork a copy and push any changes to us, and we'll gladly implement them.


* michaelficarra
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