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Hugo for

Deploy on

This template provides a basic Hugo skeleton. All files are generated at build time, so at runtime only static files need to be served.

Hugo is a static site generator written in Go, using Go's native template packages for formatting.


  • Go 1.13


The content directory includes two pieces of sample content, provided so that the initial install has some content to show. Replace it with your actual content as desired.

You can also remove the minimal theme if you so desire and replace it with one you download or one you create yourself.


The following changes have been made relative from initializing a new Hugo project with hugo new site. If using this project as a reference for your own existing project, replicate the changes below to your project.

  • The, .platform/services.yaml, and .platform/routes.yaml files have been added. These provide configuration and are present in all projects on You may customize them as you see fit.
  • The minimal theme has been included by default. Feel free to remove it and replace with your own if you prefer. Consult the Hugo documentation for instructions on how to add and enable themes.


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