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A simple Go template using the Beego web framework on
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Beego for

This template builds the BeeGo framework for It includes a minimalist application skeleton for demonstration, but you are free to alter it as needed.

Beego is a popular web framework written in Go.


  • Go 1.12
  • MariaDB 10.2


This project relies on Go module support in Go 1.11 and later. You should commit your go.mod and go.sum files to Git, but not the vendor directory.

The following files and additions make the framework work. If using this project as a reference for your own existing project, replicate the changes below to your project.

  • The, .platform/services.yaml, and .platform/routes.yaml files have been added. These provide configuration and are present in all projects on You may customize them as you see fit.
  • The .platform.template.yaml file contains information needed by's project setup process for templates. It may be safely ignored or removed.
  • An additional Go module, platformsh/config-reader-go, has been added. It provides convenience wrappers for accessing the environment variables.
  • The conf directory shows one way of exposing the Config Reader to the application. You are free to take some other approach if you prefer.


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