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Symfony 4 Flex project template for

This project provides a starter kit for Symfony 4 projects hosted on There are only very minor changes from vanilla Symfony 4.

Starting a new project

To start a new Symfony 4 project on, you have 2 options:

  1. Create a new project through the user interface and select "start new project from a template". Then select Symfony 4 as the template. That will create a new project using this repository as a starting point.

  2. Take an existing project, add the necessary files, and push it to a Git repository.

Using as a reference

You can use this repository as a reference for your own projects, and borrow whatever code is needed. The most important parts are the file and the .platform directory.

You also will need the platformsh/symfonyflex-bridge composer library. It can be installed like any other composer library:

composer require platformsh/symfonyflex-bridge

That's all you need to make a Symfony 4 application run on!