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GBDX Stories notebooks.
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Assessing OSM with automatic built-up detection.ipynb
Building detection on mosaics using deep learning.ipynb
Circular tanks.ipynb
Compute object detection precision and recall.ipynb
Create a Mapbox raster tilestack.ipynb
Create a flood map shapefile.ipynb
Detecting and measuring coastal change.ipynb
Detecting population centers in Nigeria.ipynb
Finding swimming pools in Australia.ipynb
Labeling image chips.ipynb
Make chips.ipynb
Oil tanks.ipynb
Order and preprocess imagery.ipynb
Train and test VGG-16.ipynb
Unsupervised flood mapping.ipynb


Jupyter notebooks in support of GBDX stories and more.

In order to run these notebooks, you need to install the necessary dependencies and the Jupyter notebook server. For most of these notebooks, you also need access to GBDX.

For more notebooks in a hosted environment go here.

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