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This Project has moved to "mogwai" - a continuation of this great project.
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Thunderdome Logo

thunderdome is an object-graph mapper (OGM) designed specifically for use with Titan ( via Rexster ( Thunderdome supports easily integrating Gremlin graph-traversals with vertex and edge models. For those already familiar with Blueprints ( there is a simple example.


$ pip install thunderdome

Mailing List

If you have questions, comments, or feature requests please visit the Google Group Thunderdome Users

Quick start

A Vagrant virtual environment is provided with the thunderdome repository. This will setup a Titan/Rexster server in a virtual environment and provides an easy way to get up and running with thunderdome. To get the virtual environment up and running simply do the following:

$ cd path/to/thunderdome
$ vagrant up
$ vagrant ssh
vagrant@precise64:~$ cd /vagrant

This will put you in the thunderdome directory in the vagrant box. You can now run the unit-tests or start playing around within the python shell.

Check out the Quick Start page for a simple introduction to working with thunderdome.


To get thunderdome unit tests running you'll need a rexster server configured with a thunderdome graph.


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