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Platform adoptions

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Platform adoptions

In this page the educational initiatives or individual projects that are using or have used the Smartcar platform thus far are listed. If you are an adopter, please contact me, along with a small description of the context you use the platform in and you can be included in the list.

Note: Projects utilizing previous iterations of this library (e.g. Smartcar sensors or AndroidCar), will not be presented below.


1st Gymnasium of Rhodes - Roboholics

A voluntary team of 12-14 year old students and a teacher from the 1st Gymnasium of Rhodes, are using the Smartcar platform in order to learn programming and develop an autonomous vehicle that can drive itself around a track, using the collected sensor data. They own 2 Smartcar vehicles and in 2017 they plan to take part in a competition for miniature autonomous vehicles, the "Folkracer". The University of Gothenburg is a scientific partner of the team and provides them tutoring and consulting.

the car

the track

the track room




University of Gothenburg - DIT524

In DIT524 an undergraduate project course on Systems Development, approximately 90 students utilize the Smartcar platform in order to build a multi-tier system based on it, as their term's compulsory project. They have 15 Smartcar vehicles at their disposal.

Smartcar shields

Smartcar overview

Smartcar stack

DIT524 students

2016 class: Turning software engineers into Makers

2017 class: Projects repository, Presentation event at Delphi

Chalmers & University of Gothenburg - Carolo Cup

A team of students from Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg, used the library in order to participate in the Carolo Cup 2016 competition, in Braunschweig, Germany. Their setup involves an ESC for throttling and a Servo motor for steering, therefore without being dependent on the hardware shield. The code running on their Arduino can be found here.

Carolo car

Golden Ridge Robotics - Autonomous Wheelchair

During a Hackathon, organized by Lenovo at Shenzhen (China), an autonomous wheelchair utilizing the Project Tango technology by Google was developed. The project was selected to be presented to the Premier of the State Council of China, Li Keqiang. More information can be found here.