Make your Google Assistant talk to Västtrafik
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VasttraPi on Google Assistant

A simple Python web server, in Flask, which is interfaced with an Action on Google Assistant. The server reuses code from VasttraPi to communicate with Västtrafik so to fetch the latest departures for the selected stations.

Read more about the project here.

VasttraPi and Google Home Mini

Get started

If you want a custom Google Action that talks to a sample Python server, then please follow this Instructable.

To set up a REST server that retrieves departures from Västtrafik:

  • Install PyTrafik
    • git clone
    • sudo pip3 install PyTrafik/
  • Create an api-config file in the root folder of this repository with your Västtrafik API tokens
  • Edit by providing your business logic (e.g. stations of interest)
  • Run
    • python3