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MC Extractor v1.53.0 r186

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@platomav platomav released this 18 Apr 23:31
· 117 commits to master since this release


Applied a few code fixes & message improvements


Intel cpu606A6_plat87_ver0D000280_2021-03-31_PRD_3F4FD9F3
Intel cpu606A6_plat87_ver0D000270_2021-03-18_PRD_03C6C975
Intel cpu606A5_plat87_ver0C0002F0_2021-03-08_PRD_F6B24822
Intel cpuA0655_plat22_ver000000EC_2021-03-08_PRD_CA34D643
Intel cpuA0653_plat22_ver000000EA_2021-03-08_PRD_2F986EA9
Intel cpu606A6_plat87_ver0D000260_2021-03-04_PRD_0AE97894
Intel cpu606A6_plat87_ver0D0001E0_2020-12-22_PRD_181B3F27
Intel cpuA0660_plat80_ver000000E4_2020-10-26_PRD_7DDC90DE
Intel cpu5065B_platBF_ver0700001F_2020-09-17_PRD_B85D1F3D

Anti-Virus False Positives

Some Anti-Virus software may claim that the built/frozen/compiled MCE executable contains viruses. Any such detections are false positives, usually of PyInstaller. You can switch to a better Anti-Virus software, report the false positive to their support, add the MCE executable to the exclusions, build/freeze/compile MCE yourself or use the Python script directly.