Accepts any text via command prompt, generates a Qrcode and shows it in the default image viewer.
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#WHY# I created this simple tool when I wanted to send a really long url to my wife on her smartphone. I found that its not that easy to copy some text from computer to my smartphone. But if I were to create a QR code, this would be easy and I did just that.

So using this tool, you can copy any text you want and convert it to QR Code. Then ssimply use the qr code scanning app on your smartphone to get the text.

##Usage## Pass the text as command line arguments to the program or just run the app and it wil ask for the text. After giving the input it should ideally open the QR Code on your default image viewer.

###Changelog### 0.2 Added cross platform supports

0.1 First release

Copyright (c) 2016 Plato Puthur. All rights reserved.