Node.js Lambda function for receiving AWS IoT button presses and sending messages to an AWS SQS message queue.
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Baby Connect Project

This repository contains one part of a multi-part project to enable the automation of adding data to the Baby Connect service.

The flow is:

  • User presses an AWS IoT Button.
  • The IoT Button triggers an AWS Lambda function (baby-connect-lambda).
  • The Lambda function sends a message to an AWS SQS message queue.
  • A Raspberry Pi running a listener (baby-connect-sqs-listener) receives the message from the message queue.
  • The listener uses a library (baby-connect) to log into the Baby Connect web site and add the data.

Since Baby Connect doesn't expose an API, the (baby-connect) library uses browser automation. This requires launching chromium as a child process which is not supported in Lambda and is the reason we use a message queue with a standalone listener application.


This repository contains the code to use in the Lambda function that will be triggered by the AWS IoT button.