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Simple, lightweight analytics for your website
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Plausible Insights

Plausible is a simple, lightweight web analytics service that provides the most important traffic stats without intruding on your visitors' privacy. It collects unique visitors, referrers, top pages, countries, and device information using a lightweight script.

View live demo of our own analytics

Why Plausible?

  • Clutter Free: Stop digging through complex reports to find what you’re looking for. Plausible presents the most important information to you on a single page.
  • Anonymous: Measure traffic, not individuals. No personal data or IP addresses are ever stored in our database. Read more about our data policy
  • Lightweight: Plausible works by loading a script on your website, like Google Analytics. Our script is 14x smaller, making your website quicker to load.

Interested? Read more on our website

Can Plausible be self-hosted?

At the moment we don't provide support for easily self-hosting the code. Currently, the purpose of keeping the code open-source is to be transparent with the community about how we collect and process data.


Plausible is a standard Elixir/Phoenix application backed by a PostgreSQL database. On the frontend we use TailwindCSS for styling and some vanilla Javascript for interactive bits.

Feedback & Roadmap

We have a feedback board and a public roadmap. Please let us know if you have any requests and vote on open issues so we can better prioritize.


Plausible is open-source under the most permissive MIT license. There are no restrictions on redistributing, modifying or using this software for any reason.

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