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Functional lens library for Rust
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This Rust library provides support for lenses, which are a mechanism in functional programming for focusing on a part of a complex data structure.


Add a dependency (or two) to your Cargo.toml:

lens = { git = "" }
lens_macros = { git = "" }

Then, in your crate:

// The following allows for using macros defined in the separate lens_macros crate.
#![feature(plugin, custom_attribute)]

extern crate lens;

use lens::*;


A Lens can be used to transform a conceptually-immutable data structure by changing only a portion of the data. Let's demonstrate with an example:

struct Address {
    street: String,
    city: String,
    postcode: String

struct Person {
    name: String,
    age: u8,
    address: Address

let p0 = Person {
    name: "Pop Zeus".to_string(),
    age: 58,
    address: Address {
        street: "123 Needmore Rd".to_string(),
        city: "Dayton".to_string(),
        postcode: "99999".to_string()
assert_eq!(lens!(, "Pop Zeus");
assert_eq!(lens!(Person.address.street).get_ref(&p0), "123 Needmore Rd");

let p1 = lens!(Person.address.street).set(p0, "666 Titus Ave".to_string());
assert_eq!(lens!(, "Pop Zeus");
assert_eq!(lens!(Person.address.street).get_ref(&p1), "666 Titus Ave");

The lens crate also offers a simple Transform API and some built-in functions that can be used in conjunction with the Lens API to modify a data structure through a series of transforms. For example:

struct Header {
    count: u16

struct Packet {
    header: Header,
    data: Vec<u8>

let count_lens = || { lens!(Packet.header.count) };
let add_one = increment_tx(count_lens());
let add_two = mod_tx(count_lens(), |c| c + 2);
let mul_two = mod_tx(count_lens(), |c| c * 2);
let tx = compose_tx!(add_one, add_two, mul_two);

let p0 = Packet { header: Header { count: 0 }, data: vec![] };
let p1 = tx.apply(p0);
assert_eq!(p1.header.count, 6);
let p2 = tx.apply(p1);
assert_eq!(p2.header.count, 18);


lens-rs is distributed under an MIT license. See LICENSE for more details.

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