Docker machine PWD driver
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Docker machine PWD driver

Getting started

This driver tricks machine and allows to create / remove play-with-docker instances remotely.

Before using it please make sure of the following:

  • Create a session in PWD and set PWD_URL env variable or use --pwd-url flag when creating an instance


Easy way

Download the release bundle from the releases section and place the binary that corresponds to your platform it somewhere in your PATH

Hard way

Use go get and make sure that docker-machine-driver-pwd is located somwhere in your PATH


Creating an instance:

# Create a session in and set the PWD_URL env variable
docker-machine create -d pwd --pwd-url <pwd_url> node1
eval $(docker-machine env node1)
docker ps

Alternatively you can set the env variable PWD_URL to avoid passing it as a flag every time.

Remove an instance

docker-machine rm -f node1


For local development it's necessary to set PWD_PORT, PWD_HOSTNAME and PWD_SSL_PORT accordingly to use with local PWD.


export PWD_PORT=3000
export PWD_SSL_PORT=3001