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Experimental Play backend based on GStreamer
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What Is This?

gst-playd is a really simple cross-platform service whose sole job is to play back media files to a list of targets (IceCast and AirPlay), using the GStreamer API.

It's a single exe, it's simple to manage and configure, and you can run as many as you want in parallel for multiple audio streams.

What Doesn't It Do

gst-playd knows nothing about library management. Its goal is to replace Airfoil and Nicecast in the current Play implementation (Play v2)

How does it work?

gst-playd will start up a REQ/REP ZeroMQ socket on a specified port - meaning, it will boot up and wait for a request to come in. The requests are really simple string-based, Redis-style commands, something like:

PLAY file:///home/foo/bar.mp3

And the responses will be equivalently structured:

ERROR IceCast isn't installed. Install it via 'brew install icecast'

Internally, gst-playd will manage the GStreamer Pipeline as well as handle starting up and configuring the Icecast server (including tying the lifetime of the icecast process to gst-playd, so if gst-playd dies, it kills the associated icecasts on its way out)

How do I build this?

On OS X:

brew install zeromq --head
brew install gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-ugly gst-ffmpeg  ## Get some coffee.
brew link libxml2

./ && make
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