ARC and "Modern" Objective-C #20

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Did some yak shaving.

This depends on #19.

Danny Greg added some commits Jan 17, 2013
Danny Greg Remove libpusher 509a803
Danny Greg Clean up uses of libPusher.
This removes all uses of pusher, leaving some commented in handling
code so we don't need to re-write it later.
Danny Greg Use Xcode's recommendations for moving to ARC. d8ba09f
Danny Greg Use literals. f26d003
Danny Greg Remove iVars and @synthesize in Play Item. 498a43d
Danny Greg Use literals in iOS. 28b7cd2
Danny Greg iOS app gets arc. 6ad2c9c
Danny Greg Make playURL a property… and a URL. 40fb365
@dannygreg dannygreg closed this Jul 22, 2016
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