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Bug tracker - How to use it?

Bug tracker is a powerful tool used to communicate with the server developers. You will also be able to keep track of the issues and the progress of resolving them.

When writing a report please use a template below, in order to write a report you need to go to the issues tab on this github.

Please note that any bug found in the game HAS TO be reported. Not reporting a bug to abuse it on purpose will lead to account suspension.

💡 Bug Report Template:


✏️ Put a brief Bug description like - what is it regarding, where and why.

How to reproduce bug:

✏️ Explain what you did for the issue to appear, this way we can replicate the process and find out what is the root cause of the bug.

How it should work:

✏️ Put a description of how do you think it should work if it wasn’t bugged. This will save us a lot of digging and the bug will be fixed much faster.


✏️ Please provide the screenshots of the issue if it’s needed.

Relevant AddOns used:

✏️ Type in a list of AddOns you use that could interfere with the game client and cause the issue.

External sources:

✏️ Please find as many information on how it should work, this will help us fix the bug without looking for examples ourselves, please note that sometimes it used to work differently in WotLK than current retail so the sources should be from the time period when patch 3.3.5a was around.

Who are you?

✏️ Please provide your nickname on discord and in the game, this will allow us to contact you in case we would like to ask you for more details.

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