An online question and answer system for receiving grant funding from non-profits
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A laravel app to create weighted questionaire systems


  1. A webserver that supports PHP (nginx and php-fpm recommended)
  2. mysql
  3. node.js and npm installed on your system
  4. gulp installed globally (npm install -g gulp) or locally if you know what you're doing
  5. composer, the PHP package manager


  1. Git clone this repo
  2. Set laravel/public/ as your webserver's document root
  3. Run composer update --no-scripts within the laravel folder
  4. Run composer install within the laravel folder
  5. Run npm install within the laravel folder
  6. Run php artisan migrate within the laravel folder
  7. Run php artisan key:generate within the laravel folder

Setup / Configuration

  1. In the laravel folder, copy .env.example and rename it to .env
  2. Configure your database settings in the .env file
  3. Run gulp within the laravel folder

Great! Now the project is all set up. In the future, we may want to include compiled scripts and styles when we're ready for a release. This would remove the need for installing node.js, npm, and gulp.