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Codebase for the Playasophy Wonderdome project
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This is the codebase for the Playasophy Wonderdome project. The Wonderdome is an LED art project which uses various inputs to drive a light-based visualization across a display made of individually color-controllable LEDs.


The Wonderdome is enclosed in a weather-resistant plastic shell with ports mounted on the side to hook up power and networking. The system includes two power supplies - one that accepts standard 120VAC generator power and another that takes 12VDC from a deep-cycle battery. Both power supplies convert to the 5VDC that the rest of the system uses.

The LED display is built around the HeroicRobotics PixelPusher and LPD8806 RGB LED strips. The PixelPusher presents itself as a network device and listens for UDP broadcasts to register with a controller. The controller can send UDP packets to the PP to give pixel color-setting commands.

The computer 'brain' running the system is currently a CubieBoard v1. An upgrade to an ODROID-U3 is in the works, as the cubieboard proved itself a bit underpowered in 2013.


The software driving the display is Clojure code running on the JVM. The overall system is composed of many individual components communicating via core.async channels. The system data-flow diagram can be found here; you can use the following command to render it locally:

dot -Tsvg < doc/ > target/system-processes.svg

The layout of the code and the interelation of the project's namespaces can be visualized using the lein-hiera plugin and found in target/ns-hierarchy.png:

lein hiera

See the glossary for a general overview of the terminology and components used in the system.

See the developer docs to get started working with the code base.


The Wonderdome system is engineered to be fairly fault-tolerant, and especially to be self-activating as much as possible. Getting the system running should not require anything except plugging it in and turning it on.

The host is configured by a Puppet module, which sets up the environment necessary to run the software. The Wonderdome code is packaged up with all its dependencies into an 'uberjar' by Leiningen. The jar is run as an Upstart script which respawns the process whenever it is terminated.


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. See the UNLICENSE file for more information.

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