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guycalledfrank added some commits Jun 23, 2016
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank support depth texture extension for directional PCF 3099144
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank build settings f53d1c3
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank alpha to coverage bd0110c
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank ditherAlpha c6e893b
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank working on transform feedback b806e18
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank Merge branch 'master' into webgl2 454d22c
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank enable GLES3 for shaders created with createShaderFromCode 4dda8f3
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank enable GLES3 for standard material bf3e44f
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank more transform feedback c547e9a
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank more transform feedback 2 06e04a0
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank more transform feedback 7123879
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank Merge branch 'master' into webgl2 24a9ceb
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix attribute collection 8cdbd2d
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank Merge branch 'master' into webgl2 68dbaa2
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank WIP new shadows c87b31c
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank resolve merge 4aeef80
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank intrgrate depth textures fc47ba7
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix fb806ba
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank working directional shadows (single bilinear tap) 400df7d
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank better filtered directional PCF 66032a0
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank gamma correct shadows 7150410
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix spotlight a24d017
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix 32-bit buffer usage in GL2 2484dc9
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank add experimental-webgl2 context da187de
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank working on shadows 6f823e3
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank less messy depth textures, also support cubemaps d31525a
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank make depth cubemaps work for pointlight shadows 579d639
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank reduce depthTexture mess 073fa2d
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix 12055c8
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank new point shadows wip f51d496
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank leave point shadows as they were, but use depth textures a95c8aa
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix point shadows bias linearity 779617f
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank better, but unoptimized spot bias bf3f860
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank remove min a356fa5
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank support WebGL2 (half)float texture behaviour 66dbbde
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank basic 3D texture support + fix float formats d265d86
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank camera.getViewInv and transformVec4 ed32453
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix rendering to rgba16f cbdec2e
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank Add R11 G11 B10 format 3336bca
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix merge b932023
@@ -27,7 +27,11 @@ pc.extend(pc, function () {
var _createContext = function (canvas, options) {
+ // #ifdef WEBGL2
daredevildave Nov 22, 2016 Contributor

Wouldn't it be better if this was a runtime option?

Maksims Nov 22, 2016 Contributor

We had discussion about it, and did agreed that it shall be runtime option.

daredevildave Nov 22, 2016 Contributor

should be? ;-)

guycalledfrank Nov 22, 2016 Contributor

It will be. For now it's easier to keep a define.

Maksims Nov 22, 2016 Contributor

But that means it is not tested well. Changing it earlier might highlight some problems.

guycalledfrank added some commits Nov 23, 2016
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank support MSAA RTs + first pass hackish sRGB read support 83da0e5
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank remove sRGB read (because no compressed tex support), fix gamma when …
…rendering to HDR
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank resolve depth 305f3a8
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank rendering to depth/stencil textures b7c59d1
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix 5433711
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix 87874bc
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank basic support for separate alpha blending + min/max f08056d
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix parallax 51ce8c6
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank Merge pull request #232 from playcanvas/master
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix ios cubemaps after the mipmap change 4e4609b
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank Merge branch 'master' into webgl2 e264255
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank resolveRenderTarget cdbbab2
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank separate scissor rect from viewport; don't force CLAMP for NPOT textu…
…res in GL2
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank add stencil write mask, rename mask to read mask f885aa7
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix stencil properties constructor 6ff6889
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix 1817635
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank don't cull faces when rendering post effect quads 042ef11
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank make frustum use getInvView 749143e
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank make viewpos use getInvView 5866c3b
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix shadow update c8cd015
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank frustum::setPortal a343ea5
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank stats.scene.updateShadersTime 9d9ec9c
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank pc.SHADER_FORWARDHDR, fix shaders being updated all the time d970678
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix stats 539b669
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix more stats 56faf1e
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank basic VAO support 7fd4a93
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix fedc5e9
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank basic UBO support d205fb6
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank stop recalculating normal matrix all the time 4de832c
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank disable UBO for now c66640b
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fixes a9a7fff
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix static lighting for uin32 meshes 8a38178
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix blending of material/engine lightmap e8c080f
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank force add static lights 95157b2
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank use LEQUAL instead of LESS depth test to allow depth prepass 8b4d245
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank frame debug and proper alphatest/atoc sort 714d890
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix 53e098b
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix VSM aeccb80
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix extension detection 014688f
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank webgl2 flag 8e4e469
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank report errors in materials 67410bc
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank make non-MSAA depth copyable dd09cae
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix lightmapper profiler stats 493ceef
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank simplify compiled shaders 2eb67ee
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank add first material name as a comment to a shader e3bddbb
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix wrong behaviour of static lights c2186ae
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank small code to ease rendering debug c562b9d
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix ambient being added on top of the engine lightmap, when it alread…
…y has material lightmap included
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix depth target always rendering with screen resolution 7b7d3e0
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix depth clear color 8035333
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank added renderer.disableShadows a2aba6e
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix identical shader generation 86ed6cf
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix more shader generation 28ef0fc
@guycalledfrank guycalledfrank fix some build errors 49a9428


This PR is not for merging, but as reference for smaller PRs that re-implement some of functionality from this PR.

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