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@willeastcott willeastcott released this May 15, 2019 · 63 commits to master since this release

[NEW] New curve types added: pc.CURVE_SPLINE (stable) and pc.CURVE_STEP
[NEW] Element system: Localized assets that allow text elements to use a different font asset based on the used locale
[FIX] Particle system: Radial velocity zero vector normalisation fix
[FIX] Particle system: Avoid divide by zero for particle emitter radius
[FIX] Particle system: GPU particles position reset issue fixed
[FIX] Particle system: AABB fix for local space mode
[FIX] Element system: Calculate image element AABB with correct values for width and height
[FIX] Element system: Fix right-to-left text wrapping
[FIX] Handle decodeAudioData error
[DOCS] Document 'step' option for number script attribute
[DOCS] Improve API ref docs for pc.ModelComponent#type

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