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blueboy committed Jul 21, 2012
1 parent a77106a commit f0d7bb107391fa1090a5fd28986eb28302a3bfd8
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@@ -28,8 +28,10 @@ Needs some fix.
///---Implement locale independet way of getting spellIDs---///
[DONE] Hardcode lowest rank spellID, use function to get highest rank
-///---Maintenance on portal repository--- 17/07/2012
+///---Maintenance on portal repository--- 21/07/2012
[DONE] git fsck --full
//cd .git/objects/pack
+[DONE] git gc --aggressive
[DONE] git verify-pack -v *.idx
object pack files (*.idx) verified, no errors
+///---Maintenance on portal repository--- 21/07/2012

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