Player 3.1.0

@richmattes richmattes released this Apr 8, 2017 · 4 commits to release-3-1-patches since this release

Player 3.1.0 Release

This release contains many improvements, fixes, and changes made since the last release seven years ago. It's also the first release to be made from Player's new home at Github.

Some of the changes made since Player 3.0.2 are backwards-incompatible, so client programs and log files from previous Player releases may be incompatible with this release. You should rebuild all of your Player plugin drivers and client programs against Player 3.1 before using them.

Backwards incompatible changes:

  • Added course and speed to GPS interface player_gps_data message
  • Added waypoints_distance to planner interface player_planner_waypoints_req message

New Drivers:

  • hemmison
  • kinect
  • mbase
  • RazorIMU
  • wlanscan

Other Highlights:

  • Fixes for generated Python bindings
  • Interface and XDR generation scripts now compatible with Python 3
  • Add MONO16 support to playercam
  • Added Unix daemonization support to Player server
  • Lots of fixes and new features