An Xcode file template for GHUnit tests
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Objective-C GHUnit test case.xctemplate

GHUnit XCode File Template

This is an XCode file template for GHUnit test case classes.


Relatively simple. Just clone this repo somewhere.

git clone git://

Once that's done, take a peek inside. You should see a file called Run it.


You should be done.


When creating a new file, there should be a new iOS category called "File Templates" that contains a GHUnit template. Select it.

GHUnit template selection step 1

After hitting next, you should be prompted with a text field asking what class you're testing. Enter the name of the class to be tested. For example, if you're going to test a ZFBitBank class, enter that.

GHUnit template settings step 2

After that, just make sure your targets are properly selected, and you're good to go.