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Play Ebean

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This module provides Ebean support for Play Framework.


The Play Ebean plugin supports several different versions of Play and Ebean.

Plugin version Play version Ebean version
! Important notes !
2.8.18+ 12.16.1
6.0.0 2.8.1 11.45.1
5.0.2 2.7.0 11.39.x
5.0.1    2.7.0   11.32.x      
5.0.0    2.7.0   11.22.x      
4.1.4 2.6.x 11.32.x
4.1.3         2.6.x       11.15.x      
4.1.0         2.6.x       11.7.x      
4.0.6         2.6.x       10.4.x      
4.0.2 2.6.x 10.3.x
3.2.0 2.5.x 10.4.x
3.1.0 2.5.x 8.2.x
3.0.2 2.5.x 7.6.x
3.0.1         2.5.x       6.18.x        
2.0.0         2.4.x       6.8.x        
1.0.0 2.4.x 4.6.x
  • Release Candidate: these releases are not stable and should not be used in production.

We also recommend using the payintech fork:

Releasing a new version