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Play Ebean module
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This module provides Ebean support for Play Framework.


The Play Ebean plugin supports several different versions of Play and Ebean.

Plugin version Play version Ebean version
6.1.0 2.8.2 12.1.13
6.0.0 2.8.1 11.45.1
5.0.2 2.7.0 11.39.x
5.0.1    2.7.0   11.32.x      
5.0.0    2.7.0   11.22.x      
4.1.4 2.6.x 11.32.x
4.1.3         2.6.x       11.15.x      
4.1.0         2.6.x       11.7.x      
4.0.6         2.6.x       10.4.x      
4.0.2 2.6.x 10.3.x
3.2.0 2.5.x 10.4.x
3.1.0 2.5.x 8.2.x
3.0.2 2.5.x 7.6.x
3.0.1         2.5.x       6.18.x        
2.0.0         2.4.x       6.8.x        
1.0.0 2.4.x 4.6.x
  • Release Candidate: these releases are not stable and should not be used in production.


The Play Ebean support library is Community Driven.

We also recommend using the payintech fork:

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