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This is a Play container for Glassfish

It allows to deploy any Play application directly in the Glassfish application server (without to have to package it as WAR archive before).

Try the following steps with Glassfish 3.0.1 and play-1.1-unstable-r1095. Also I’ve my Play installation at /Users/guillaume/Desktop/play/1.1; be sure to change the following commands to match your real installation path

Build the play-container.jar for glassfish

Enter the container directory and run:

mvn package

Then copy the target/play-container.jar library to $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/modules. That’s all, the container is installed. It will be available in the glassfish repository once officially released.

Configure the Play container

Start glassfish, and run the asadmin command. At the prompt run the following command:

asadmin> play-config --frameworkPath /Users/guillaume/Desktop/play/1.1

It should result with ‘Command play-config executed successfully.’

Deploy a Play application

You can try to deploy one of the sample application provided with the framework. Let’s try to deloy ‘zencontact’; at the asadmin prompt enter:

asadmin> deploy --contextroot zen /Users/guillaume/Desktop/play/1.1/samples-and-tests/zencontact

It should result with ‘Application deployed successfully with name zencontact.’

You can now try to launch the app at http://localhost:8080/zen, and the application should appear in the glassfish GUI admin. We will add the GUI screens for Play container soon.

Build the admin GUI plugin

Enter the admingui directory and run:

mvn package

Then copy the target/console-play-plugin.jar library to $GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/modules. Restart the glassfish server and open the administration console at http://localhost:4848. There is now a Play Container configuration page under the Configuration node. And you can choose Play Application in the drop down list of the deployment page.