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Play with Slick 3.1

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This project shows Play working with Slick.

This project is configured to keep all the modules self-contained.

  • Slick is isolated from Play, not using play-slick.
  • Database migration is done using Flyway, not Play Evolutions.
  • Slick's classes are auto-generated following database migration.

Database Migration

sbt flyway/flywayMigrate

Slick Code Generation

You will need to run the flywayMigrate task first, and then you will be able to generate tables using sbt-codegen.

sbt slickCodegen


You can run functional tests against an in memory database and Slick easily with Play from a clean slate:

sbt clean flyway/flywayMigrate slickCodegen compile test


To run the project, start up Play:

sbt run

And that's it!

Now go to http://localhost:9000, and you will see the list of users in the database.