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This is a starter application that shows how Play works. Please see the documentation at https://www.playframework.com/documentation/latest/Home for more details.


Run this using sbt. If you downloaded this project from http://www.playframework.com/download then you'll find a prepackaged version of sbt in the project directory:

sbt run

And then go to http://localhost:9000 to see the running web application.

There are several demonstration files available in this template.


  • HomeController.scala:

    Shows how to handle simple HTTP requests.

  • AsyncController.scala:

    Shows how to do asynchronous programming when handling a request.

  • CountController.scala:

    Shows how to inject a component into a controller and use the component when handling requests.


  • Module.scala:

    Shows how to use Guice to bind all the components needed by your application.

  • Counter.scala:

    An example of a component that contains state, in this case a simple counter.

  • ApplicationTimer.scala:

    An example of a component that starts when the application starts and stops when the application stops.


  • Filters.scala:

    Creates the list of HTTP filters used by your application.

  • ExampleFilter.scala

    A simple filter that adds a header to every response.