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This module allows you to execute commands in SQL, Java (or Scala) against your running application. It also gives you information about your jobs and the JVM.

h2.How to install

in conf/application.conf:${play.path}/modules/secure

Please note, the Scala console will be available only if you enable the scala module as well

in conf/routes:
bc. * /console module:console

  • /console module:secure

if you have not configure your security module yet, here is a simple example: create a file called in your packages folder with the following content:

bc.package controllers;
public class Security extends Secure.Security {
static boolean authenticate(String username, String password) {
return username.equals(“peter”) && password.equals(“secret”);
static boolean check(String profile) {
//console controllers are marked with isAdmin checks
return true;

After that http://yourdomain/console/ should be available.