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# For use in JavaExtensions.since tag
since.seconds = %s second%s ago
since.minutes = %s minute%s ago
since.hours = %s hour%s ago
since.days = %s day%s ago
since.months = %s month%s ago
since.years = %s year%s ago
since.format = MMM d, yyyy
# Validation messages
validation.minSize=Minimum size is %2$d
validation.maxSize=Maximum size is %2$d email address
validation.range=Not in the range %2$d through %3$d
validation.min=Cannot be lower than %2$d
validation.max=Cannot be greater than %2$d
validation.match=Must match %2$s
validation.isTrue=Must be checked
validation.equals=Must be equal to &{%2$s}
validation.invalid=Incorrect value
validation.future=Must be in the future
validation.after=Must be after %2$s
validation.past=Must be in the past
validation.before=Must be before %2$s
validation.object=Validation failed
validation.notFound=Object not found for id %2$s
validation.url=Not a valid URL a valid phone
validation.ipv4=Not a valid IP address
validation.ipv6=Not a valid IP v6 address
validation.unique=Must be unique