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[#1411] Fixed comment to reflect what code is doing. #448

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NebuPookins Morten Kjetland Nicolas Leroux

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Morten Kjetland

Note: The code in this pull request is also included in pull request 449

Nicolas Leroux

Closing that one since it will be part of 449 anyway

Nicolas Leroux pepite closed this February 21, 2012
Morten Kjetland

This small comment has now been merged - thanks

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Feb 03, 2012
NebuPookins [#1411] Fixed comment to reflect what code is doing. b3252b1
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  1. 2  framework/src/play/i18n/
2  framework/src/play/i18n/
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ private static void resolvefrom(Request request) {
107 107
108 108
109 109
-        // now see if we have a country-only match
+        // now see if we have a language-only match
111 111
         for (String a: request.acceptLanguage()) {
112 112
             if (a.indexOf("-") > 0) {
113 113
                 a = a.substring(0, a.indexOf("-"));

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