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Commits on Jan 29, 2013
  1. @nraychaudhuri
  2. @nraychaudhuri
  3. @jroper

    Merge pull request #702 from ndeverge/patch-3

    jroper committed
    Update documentation/manual/scalaGuide/main/akka/
Commits on Jan 28, 2013
  1. @nraychaudhuri
  2. @nraychaudhuri
  3. @nraychaudhuri
  4. @nraychaudhuri
  5. @sadache

    Merge pull request #681 from Timshel/wip-minMax

    sadache committed
    Refactor of min and max constraints to support strict comparison and any type with an Ordering.
  6. @nraychaudhuri

    Merge pull request #699 from nraychaudhuri/955_scaladoc_view_helpers

    nraychaudhuri committed
    adding back the scaladocs for view helpers
  7. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #708 from jroper/fatal-errors

    guillaumebort committed
    Implemented handling for some fatal errors in actions
  8. @nraychaudhuri

    Merge pull request #709 from sgougi/patch-1

    nraychaudhuri committed
    Update documentation/manual/
  9. @sgougi

    Update documentation/manual/

    sgougi committed
    Nilanjan,thanks!! (
  10. @jroper
Commits on Jan 27, 2013
  1. @jroper

    Documented the enumerator helper methods

    jroper committed
    Also added a few tests to confirm that my understanding of them was
Commits on Jan 26, 2013
  1. @ndeverge

    Update documentation/manual/scalaGuide/main/akka/

    ndeverge committed
    Akka now uses Duration from Scala core.
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
  1. @nraychaudhuri

    Merge pull request #700 from jamesward/fix/migration-guide

    nraychaudhuri committed
    bump sbt version in the migration guide
  2. @jamesward
  3. @nraychaudhuri
  4. @rtyley @jroper

    Use scala-io-file v0.4.2 for Scala 2.10

    rtyley committed with jroper
    This has been compiled against Scala 2.10.0 final (as has it's
    dependency scala-arm v1.3) so the problems from PR #676 are finally laid
    to rest :)
    Happily, it's no longer necessary to add the javax.transaction
    exclusion, as that's been dropped from the list of dependencies of
    scala-io v0.4.2 was /only/ published against Scala v2.10 so far as I can
    see, so I haven't updated the other build deps of scala-io to it, as
    they are still running within SBT at Scala 2.9.2.
  5. @jroper

    Merge pull request #687 from xuwei-k/modules

    jroper committed
    fix links
Commits on Jan 23, 2013
  1. @nraychaudhuri

    Merge pull request #691 from studiodev/2.1_UPDATE_JQUERY_1.9.0

    nraychaudhuri committed
    [#952] Update Jquery to latest version (1.9.0) in skeletons
  2. @nraychaudhuri
  3. @sadache

    Merge pull request #693 from jroper/filters-tags

    sadache committed
    [#954] Ensured requests are tagged before filters are applied
  4. @jroper
Commits on Jan 22, 2013
  1. @jroper

    Merge pull request #678 from Timshel/wip-bigDecimal

    jroper committed
    Add BigDecimal to the form mapping.
  2. @studiodev
  3. @jba-zen
  4. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #522 from sclasen/master

    guillaumebort committed
    Ticket #801 implementation requiring specific enabling of Down Evolutions
  5. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #602 from jroper/remove-missingfilepart

    guillaumebort committed
    Removed MissingFilePart
  6. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #609 from benoit-ponsero/master

    guillaumebort committed
    add requireJsFolder, requireJsShim config key
  7. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #611 from julienrf/prettier-authenticated

    guillaumebort committed
    Make Security.Authenticated return EssentialAction instead of Action[(Action[A], A)]
  8. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #629 from gre/master

    guillaumebort committed
    Add Enumeratee.flatten
  9. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #653 from ratulb/master

    guillaumebort committed
    Changed from Promise to scala future and fixed issues with code.
  10. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #660 from jroper/ws-stream-close

    guillaumebort committed
    [#921] Ensured WS closes the stream when iteratee is done early
  11. @guillaumebort

    Merge pull request #664 from tototoshi/options-for-in-memory-database…

    guillaumebort committed
    Support H2 database options in play.api.test.Helpers.inMemoryDatabase
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