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field constructor template has been adjusted to bootstrap2 for .form-horizontal form class #217

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Referring to this ticket I chose to update the form helper for bootstrap2-code.

In order to get comparable results to the bootstrap 1.4 code I chode the layout for the .form-horizontal class (see


Sorry, we rejected all pull requests about this. The twitter bootstrap helpers must be provided as a plugin.


Makes sense. But then the outdated template helper should be dropped from master, right?


@tschundeee Right, we will deprecate it in the next version.

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Commits on Apr 1, 2012
  1. field constructor template has been adjusted to bootstrap2 for .form-…

    Bijan committed
    …horizontal form class
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8 .../src/main/scala/views/helper/twitterBootstrap/twitterBootstrapFieldConstructor.scala.html
@@ -7,11 +7,11 @@
* Generate input according twitter bootsrap rules *
-<div class="clearfix @elements.args.get('_class) @if(elements.hasErrors) {error}" id="@elements.args.get('_id).getOrElse( + "_field")">
- <label for="">@elements.label(elements.lang)</label>
- <div class="input">
+<div class="control-group @elements.args.get('_class) @if(elements.hasErrors) {error}" id="@elements.args.get('_id).getOrElse( + "_field")">
+ <label class="control-label" for="">@elements.label(elements.lang)</label>
+ <div class="controls">
<span class="help-inline">@elements.errors(elements.lang).mkString(", ")</span>
- <span class="help-block">@elements.infos(elements.lang).mkString(", ")</span>
+ <p class="help-block">@elements.infos(elements.lang).mkString(", ")</p>
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