[#752] Support discarding cookies on a particular path, domain and ensure Session/Flash cookies use this #469

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jroper commented Sep 28, 2012

This is a backwards incompatible change, because it means discardingCookies now accepts a list of DiscardingCookie, which gives the developer the ability to discard cookies that were set on a particular domain, path or with secure set.

It fixes a bug in that when application.context, session.domain or session.secure was set, it was impossible to clear the session, and flash cookies were completely screwed.

Also in this request I changed some vals to defs in CookieBaker, Session and Flash objects, so that I could test with different configurations.

@jroper jroper [#752] Support discarding cookies on a particular path, domain and wi…
…th secure set, and ensure Session/Flash cookies use this as appropriate


@pk11 pk11 commented on the diff Oct 25, 2012
@@ -337,42 +337,42 @@ package play.api.mvc {
* The cookie name.
- val COOKIE_NAME: String
pk11 Oct 25, 2012 Collaborator

Why do we need to change these to def-s?

jroper Oct 25, 2012 Member

I had to change some of them to def in order to test them... they were implemented as lazy val underneath, which meant I couldn't have one test testing with a domain or application context set on the session, and another without, without restarting the JVM. Changing to val solves this. It is a performance hit, though I don't believe it's a big one, and it's one that can be solved in other ways (we might decide to implement some sort of parsed config cache in application to deal with this, for example). And I think the tests here are really important. So on the trait I changed them all to def for consistency, and then in the implementation had some as vals and some as defs.

pk11 Oct 26, 2012 Collaborator

I see, I remember we discussed this at some point. I suppose it's OK then. We can always change it back if it turns out to be too expensive (but as you said it looks like it should not be that bad)

@pk11 pk11 commented on the diff Oct 25, 2012
@@ -648,7 +662,7 @@ package play.api.mvc {
* @param discard discard these cookies as well
* @return a valid Set-Cookie header value
- def encode(cookies: Seq[Cookie], discard: Seq[String] = Nil): String = {
pk11 Oct 25, 2012 Collaborator

could we somehow avoid breaking compatibility?

jroper Oct 25, 2012 Member

I don't think this is a method that we need to worry about, it's more of an implementation detail here. The methods that do matter are the Result.discardingCookies ones. If you'd like, I could make these methods overloaded, so they support both discarding by name, and with the entire cookie, but if I did that I think I'd still like to mark it @deprecated, since it's a bug waiting to happen.

pk11 Oct 26, 2012 Collaborator

creating overloaded methods plus deprecating old API would be perfect. thanks

jroper Oct 29, 2012 Member

Ok, I found out why I didn't do this in the first place, discardingCookies(names: String_) has the same method signature as discardingCookies(cookies: DiscardingCookie_) after type erasure since Scala uses Seqs and not Arrays for varargs methods, and so it won't compile. So we either come up with a new method name, or we just change the signature. I couldn't think of a better name, so I changed the signature.


Ok for me.

@mgibowski mgibowski commented on the diff Oct 26, 2012
@@ -152,7 +152,8 @@ object PlayBuild extends Build {
publishArtifact in (Compile, packageSrc) := true,
resolvers += typesafe,
sourceGenerators in Compile <+= (dependencyClasspath in TemplatesCompilerProject in Runtime, packageBin in TemplatesCompilerProject in Compile, scalaSource in Compile, sourceManaged in Compile, streams) map ScalaTemplates,
- compile in (Compile) <<= PostCompile
+ compile in (Compile) <<= PostCompile,
+ parallelExecution in Test := false
mgibowski Oct 26, 2012

If it's only about ResultsSpec.scala why not adding sequential in that one spec, as described here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8026866/parallel-execution-of-tests?answertab=active#tab-top

jroper Oct 27, 2012 Member

Because it's not about that one spec, adding sequential only makes that one spec run sequentially, but the issue is that you can't have two specs running an application at the same time due to Play's global state, and there is another spec in this project that runs an application, so unless we combine all the specs that run an application into one massive spec (and in future, as we increase Plays test coverage, there will be many, many more specs that run an application), sequential is of no use here.

jroper commented Oct 29, 2012

Cherry-picked in 51e6df3.

@jroper jroper closed this Oct 29, 2012

Did you try with 2 overloaded fcts?

discardingCookies(cookie: DiscardingCookie)
discardingCookies(cookie: DiscardingCookie, cookies: DiscardingCookie*)

or there is also the dumb DummyImplicit:
discardingCookies(cookie: DiscardingCookie*)(implicit dummy: DummyImplicit)


On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 1:23 AM, James Roper notifications@github.comwrote:

Cherry-picked in 51e6df351e6df3

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