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Actor system static refs refactoring #476

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This commit does the following:

  • Removes race conditions in Promise.system and Invoker.system that were causing Play to leak threads and our builds to hang
  • Cleans up Invoker shutdown, so it can be just shutdown by calling reset()
  • Removes unnecessary static access of Invoker.system() in WebSocketHandler, since the class that implements it already has non static access to an invoker
  • Looks up defaultTimeout direct from Play configuration, rather than going indirectly to play configuration through loading an actor system
  • Gives ReloadableApplication its own actor system, so that it doesn't reload in the actor system of the application that it's reloading
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I can't seem to find this.


@sadache Sorry, I modified the commit, and updated my repository using --force, which caused GitHub to close the request. Here's a new pull request:


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