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Fix the Javascript Reverse router. Problem with default values. #888

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The code generated in the Javascript reverse router in wrong for arguments with a default value.


GET  /       controllers.Application.index(limit: Int =? 10)

And try Js reverse router for this call:


It gives


Because anyway the default values are fixed server side, the client doesn't need to repeat the value. The simplest fix is to omit completely non-specified arguments that have a default value server side.


Looks good to me.

@jroper jroper referenced this pull request from a commit in typesafehub/playframework
@jroper jroper [#888] Implemented new HTML escaping 78ba56e
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Why is it different for parameters with fixed value? Their value is fixed by the routing process on server side, right?
So maybe we should just get rid of all the JavaScriptLitteral stuff?


Nothing about my remark?


Yes it should be the same.


I just took a look and I think JavascriptLitteral is needed to make unambiguous the reverse routing of an action that is associated with several URLs:

GET    /foo  p.c.a(foo = "foo")
GET    /bar  p.c.a(foo)

When I reverse route p.c.a("bar") in JavaScript we must to check, from the client-side, the value of the parameter in order to generate the right URL (here, /bar).

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2  framework/src/routes-compiler/src/main/scala/play/router/RoutesCompiler.scala
@@ -596,7 +596,7 @@ object RoutesCompiler { { p =>
("(\"\"\" + implicitly[QueryStringBindable[" + p.typeName + "]].javascriptUnbind + \"\"\")" + """("""" + + """", """ + localNames.get( + """)""") -> p
}.map {
- case (u, Parameter(name, typeName, None, Some(default))) => """(""" + localNames.get(name).getOrElse(name) + " == null ? \"\"\" + implicitly[JavascriptLitteral[" + typeName + "]].to(" + default + ") + \"\"\" : " + u + ")"
+ case (u, Parameter(name, typeName, None, Some(default))) => """(""" + localNames.get(name).getOrElse(name) + " == null ? null : " + u + ")"
case (u, Parameter(name, typeName, None, None)) => u
}.mkString(", "))
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