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Dear Play Community,

The Play Team is pleased to announce the release of Play Framework 2.8.0-RC1. This is the first Release Candidate of Play 2.8.x series. Like the milestone releases, one of our major goals is to get feedback, so please let us know if something isn't working or you see something that should be improved. But unlike the milestones, we are now freezing the APIs and other changes, and we intended to promote the release candidate to 2.8.0 final if no critical issues are reported. Please, help by trying the release with your applications or modules.

📗 Changes in 2.8.0-RC1

  1. Akka 2.6.0-RC2: as you can see in our roadmap, support Akka 2.6 is a priority, so we are closely tracking Akka 2.6 releases to discover possible integrations problems sooner than later. See Akka 2.6.0-RC1 and 2.6.0-RC2 announcements.
  2. Jackson 2.10: Jackson dependency was updated to the latest minor release, 2.10 so that users can have the latest release with new features and security updates.
  3. Removal of APIs deprecated in Play 2.6 series: most of the APIs were removed in previous milestones, but now all of them are gone. APIs deprecated in Play 2.7 series are not touched though.
  4. Range results improvement to it possible to pre-seek the Source when returning results for requests containing a Range header.
  5. Dependency injection support for Akka Typed Scheduler: In Akka 2.6.0, when using Akka Typed and ask pattern, it is necessary to provide a Scheduler. To make it easier for users, this adds a new binding for runtime dependency injection and new components for compile-time injection.

See the full list of changes here:

  1. Github milestone
  2. All changes

👽 Updated dependencies

  • Twirl 1.5.0-M5
  • Play-WS 2.1.0-RC2
  • Hibernate Validator 6.1.0.Final
  • Netty 4.1.43.Final
  • joda-time 2.10.5
  • Hibernate Core 5.4.8.Final
  • acolyte jdbc-driver 1.0.53
  • specs2 4.8.0

⚡️ Highlights of Play 2.8

Akka 2.6

Akka 2.6 is the central theme of Play 2.8 and Lagom 1.6, so we want to ensure that Play and Lagom work and adopt Akka new features (such as Akka Typed) and new defaults in order to reduce the differences between what users get out-of-the-box for each framework.

Scala 2.13

Play 2.8 not only supports Scala 2.13 but uses it as the default version. Play, all the samples, and seeds all use Scala 2.13 by default now.

Java 11

Play 2.8 is the first version were we officially support Java 11. Again, Play, its standalone modules, samples and seeds are all tested against AdoptOpenJDK 11.

🙇 Credits

Finally, thanks to the community for their help with detailed bug reports, discussion about new features, and pull requests review. Play 2.8.0-RC1 is only possible due to the help we had from amazing contributors.

Thanks to Lightbend for their continued sponsorship of the Play core team's efforts. Lightbend offers commercial support for Play.

Special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release:

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