Latest commit 3bd429d Apr 25, 2017 @marcospereira marcospereira committed on GitHub Java components for compile time injection (#7170)
* Add Java interfaces to declare components

The BuiltInComponents will required almost the same from
implementations. Most of the methods have a default implementation
using the conversions between Java and Scala types.

* Add Java DB components

* Add JPA components

* Add Java forms components

* Add filters Java components

* Add async-http-client Java components

* Add EhCache components

* Add openid Java components

* OpenId Java components

* Add body parser Java components

* Add missing file header

* Update tests and docs after API changes

* Add docs for Java compile time dependency injection

* Small corrections to components hierarchy

* Move Akka default methods to Akka Components interface

* Move I18nComponent to correct package

* Merge error handler and java context components

Also add a convenient method to get an instance of the
scala version of HttpErrorHandler.

* Add assets components

* Documentation for Java components

* Remove docs for router components

* Add missing file headers

* Correct code snippet tag

* RoutingDsl components rewritten in Java

* Document how to provide a router

* Add empty/simple injector

* Correct documentation example

* Add javadoc examples of how to use the components

* Avoid access to global state when there are injected components

* Add test for Java BuiltInComponents

* Resolve master rebase problem

* Correct javadoc example code

* Use Java logger configurator in docs and examples

* Move ehcache components to the right subproject

* Provide some components as singletons

According to if they are annotated with @Singleton or not

* Add more documentation about Java components

* Avoid npe when creating core components

* Lazy instantiation for singleton components

* LazySupplier as a subclass of F