Latest commit 9b9bb60 Jul 7, 2017 @richdougherty richdougherty committed with gmethvin Fix Content-Disposition filename handling (#7515)
Fixes #7501.

1. Improve handling of extended characters in filenames,
   following the definition in RFC 5987.

   The previous rendering had a couple of problems. First,
   it rendered UTF-8 characters into the regular
   `filename` parameter. Second, its %-escaping of extended
   characters in the `filename*` parameter used the URI
   path-segement encoding, which doesn't escape all
   necessary characters.

   In addition, the new handling only renders an extended
   `filename*` parameter when there are special characters
   that need escaping.

   - #6042

2. Use a RawHeader with Akka HTTP to avoid the backend
   parsing and re-rendering the header. There's currently
   a bug with this that needs to be fixed before we can
   use a typed header.

   - akka/akka-http#1240
   - akka/akka-http#1066