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ScalaTest Plus Play

ScalaTest + Play provides integration support between ScalaTest and Play Framework.


To use it, please add the following dependency to your project's build.sbt or project/Build.scala file:

"" %% "scalatestplus-play" % "{VERSION}" % "test"

Where version is one of the listed below, according to your needs.


Release Play Scalatest Documentation
4.0.0-RC2* 2.7.0-RC8 3.0.x docs
3.1.x 2.6.x 3.0.x docs
3.0.x 2.6.x 3.0.x docs
2.0.x 2.5.x 3.0.x docs
1.5.x 2.5.x 2.2.x docs
1.4.x 2.4.x 2.2.x docs
1.3.x 2.2.x 2.2.x docs
  • Release Candidate: these releases are not stable and should not used in be production.


The following tips may be useful for all welcome contributions:

  • Raise a Pull Request against the relevant branch
  • The Pull Request will be validated & tested in Travis-CI
  • Builds which don't meet the style guidelines will fail, we recommend running sbt validateCode before pushing
  • Please use descriptive commit messages

See more details here.


ScalaTest Plus Play is licensed under the Apache license, version 2. See the LICENSE.txt file for more information.