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Version 0.10.12
New Features:
* Updated play-services-games version to 21.0.0
* Updated play-services-auth version to 19.0.0
* Updated GradleDependency to 4.0.2
* Replace Debug.Log with OurUtils.Logger
* Build configuration updates.
Bug fixes:
* #2967 Fixed the GUID not found error.
* Fixed issue where Google Play Games SDK path not found for Unity_2020.
* Fixed rounding issue with incremental achievements.
* Unit test fixes.
Version 0.10.10
New Features:
* Added Friends APIs: Play Games now has a cross-game Friends list. Request access to your players cross-game PGS friends list and integrate it with your in-game system to help players play with a set of high-quality gaming friends, and help people find their friends within your game. Learn more about Play Games Services .
Bug fixes:
* Removed Multiplayer code.
Version 0.10.09
Bug fixes:
* Fixed the issue of having an invalidated account in cache.
* Added more logs to sign-in and sign-out, removed unnecessary logs, formatted code.
* Moved AndroidClient.SignOut method callback onto the main thread.
Version 0.10.08
Bug fixes:
* #2853 Fixed the authentication callback not called on the main thread issue.
* Migrated old urls to start with https instead of http.
Version 0.10.07
New Features:
* Implementation of new authentication method and permission APIs.
Bug fixes:
* #2836 Fixed the wrong conversion of TotalTimePlayed.
* #2781 Disabled unnecessary warnings.
* #2791 Added gameId field to PlayGamesUserProfile for Unity 2020.1.
Version 0.10.06
Bug fixes:
* #2776 Crashes due to uninstalled Play Games App.
* #2766, #2772 Android SDK path detection in versions older than 2019.x.
Version 0.10.05
Bug fixes:
* #2753 VersionHandlerImpl.UpdateVersionedAssets not found.
* Fixed the issues caused by Nearby and RTMP callbacks not being on the main thread.
* Fixed detecting AndroidSdkRoot when unity embedded is used.
Version 0.10.04
Bug fixes:
* Updated the way of handling requests to prevent them being processed twice.
* Fixed the callback not being triggered in CommitUpdate issue.
* RealTimeMultiplayerListener runs on the game thread.
Version 0.10.03
Bug fixes:
* Fixed the exception caused by ui callbacks.
Version 0.10.02
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed LoadMoreScores.
* Fixed sign out issues when signed out from ui.
* GetAnotherServerAuthCode uses the same scopes used in sign in.
* Local user id is returned instead of "me" in LoadScores.
* Removed AndroidX dependency.
Version 0.10.01
* Reimplementation of the plugin without using C++ SDK
New Features:
* Updated play-services-games version to 18.0.1
* Migrated java code to AndroidX
Version 0.9.64
New Features:
* Updated gradle version to 5.4.1 and tools to 3.4.0
Bug Fixes:
* #2553 NullReferenceException with new v0.9.63 Achievements system
* #2545 Soft crash when opening achievements
* #2549 PlayerStats.AvgSessonLength is a typo
Version 0.9.63
New Features:
* Updated gradle version to 3.3.2
* Updated play-services-games version to 17.0
* [TBMP] Added GetMatch method
* [TBMP] Added Dismiss method
* [TBMP] Expose creation and update timestamps of match
* [TBMP] Expose creation time of invitation
Bug Fixes:
* Improved sign-in time.
* Refactored achievements implementation. Now it uses less server calls and massive achievement increement will not block Achievement UI.
* Log DateTime guard
* Fix DirectoryNotFoundException in GPGSUtil.GenerateAndroidManifest
* Fixed readme
* #2482 Warning in AndroidTokenClient when building for device
* #2486 CanRematch in TBM always false
* Removed GetAchievement method. Use LoadAchievements instead.
Version 0.9.62
Bug Fixes:
* #2475 ANRs 0.9.61 TokenFragment
* #2473 GetAnotherServerAuthCode email scope not granted
* #2465 Crash during sign-in failure at TokenFragment
* Additional check if Play Games is installed.
Version 0.9.61
Bug Fixes:
* #2442 GetAnotherServerAuthCode doesn't honor OAuth scope
* #2444 Crash during sign-in failure at TokenFragment line 258
Version 0.9.60
Bug Fixes:
* #2439 UnityWebRequestTexture class is not contained at unity 5.6
Version 0.9.59
Bug Fixes:
* #2430 Fixed sign-in issues with Android version 7 and less
* #2417 Windows. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied
* Replaces WWW with UnityWebRequest
New Features:
* Updated PlayServicesResolver to
Version 0.9.58
Bug Fixes:
* #2409 GetAnotherServerAuthCode always requests email permission
* #2406 IL2CPP managed stripping level
* #2401 Fix for missing TokenFragment class
* #2400 Many crash in Unity 2018.3.0f2
* #2395 Not working with Unity 2018.3.0f2
New Features:
* Updated PlayServicesResolver to
* Updated gradle version to 3.3.0
Version 0.9.57
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed issue with unable to sign-in if Google Play Services or Google Play Games need to be updated.
* #2388 IVideoClient not in package
Version 0.9.56
Bug Fixes:
* #2387 ISavedGameClient null if Authentication Failed.
* Non silent Authenticate in some cases failed silently.
Version 0.9.55
Bug Fixes:
* #2371 Authenticate callback is not called if sign-in was canceled.
* #1983, #2078, #2167 Android 8+ sign in fails when using EnableHidePopups.
Version 0.9.54
Bug Fixes:
* #2361 Failing to silently login - auth fails on request - initialisation order problem?
* #2350 Remove unused import that breaks iOS builds
* #2339 GetAnotherServerAuthCode Nothing Happens
Version 0.9.53
Bug Fixes:
* #2348 pragma UNITY_2017 should be UNITY_2017_1_OR_NEWER.
* #1581 Solve namespace error when importing to Unity project with existing Result class.
* Annotations fixes.
Version 0.9.52
Bug Fixes:
* #2319 Not Working with Unity 2018.2
Version 0.9.51
Bug Fixes:
* #2324 Please update the plugin to support new version of gms!!!please!!!!
* #2325 Google play services sdk and facebook sdk creating build issues
* #2327 Libgpg not included with arm64
* #2330 Play-games-plugin-for-unity vs google-play-services.jar
* #2334 Forced Resolution Failed for plugin 0.9.50
New Features:
* Using GPGS C++ SDK 3.0.1.
* Using play-services 15.01+.
* Added arm64-v8a support.
Version 0.9.50
Bug Fixes:
* Non-Fat APK including all native ABI libraries.
* Nearby connections advertising JNI error.
* #2067 iOS Cocoapods added during iOS build.
New Features:
* Using GPGS C++ SDK 3.0
* Removed iOS menu items.
* Adopted JarResolver version handler logic for plugin upgrades.
* Removed the Quests API.
* Added Support for SaveGames conflict resolution with updated
data and metadata changes. This matches the changes in the
C++ API.
Version 0.9.42
Bug Fixes:
* #1909 Account Picker displayed after backgrounding/foregrounding app.
* #1922 Cannot build with Gradle: missing google_play_services_version.
* #1940 Leaderboard and other activities do not work.
* #1971 Cannot have separate builds for x86, arm7v.
Version 0.9.41
Bug Fixes:
* #1785 - Cleaned up files in Plugins/Android.
* #1833 - Added RevealAchievement method to PlayGamesPlatform
* #1867 - Added connection failure handling for auth failure edge cases.
New Features:
* Updated Play Services jar resolver uses xml file configuration.
* Added method GetAnotherServerAuthCode() to get additional server auth
codes without signing out.
Version 0.9.40
Bug Fixes:
* #1610 - Show menu items even if not on Android/iOS.
* #1764 - Jar Resolver conflicts with Firebase
* #1794 - Reduced warning spam about deprecations
* #1791 - Fixed typos in README.MD
- Added Jar resolver call when building just a nearby connections app.
Version 0.9.39a
Bug Fixes:
* #1778 - Requesting Id Token error.
Version 0.9.39
Bug Fixes:
* #1712 - Signing in/out multiple accounts does not work.
* #1756 - After signout, email, token are empty when reconnected.
* #1761 - Google.IOSResolver.Enabled is read-only.
* #1766 - Error executing VideoManager@IsCaptureAvailableCallback
New Features:
* #1743 - Ability to set the gravity of Achievement popups.
Version 0.9.38a
Bug Fixes:
* #1729 - Strings marshaled incorrectly.
Version 0.9.38
Bug Fixes:
* #1711 - iOSClient Error does not implement interface member
* #1712 - Signing in/out multiple google accounts
* #1699 - GetServerAuthCode causes "invalid_grant: Code was already redeemed
* #1692 - See semi-transparent black screen during login.
* #1675 - Calling Signout causes crash.
Version 0.9.37
Bug Fixes:
* #1604 - Incompatible class error with play-services 10.1.
* #370 - Fixed freeze/crash when calling Application.Quit().
New Features:
* #35 - Added a method to inhibit achievment popups.
* Google SignIn support for Auth Code, Id Token and email.
* Updated to use GPGS C++ SDK version 2.3.
* Added the Video Capture API.
Deprecated Features:
* iOS Support will be winding down, ending iOS services in March 2018.
This is the last version with iOS support for GPGS. Plan accordingly.
* Quests are deprecated.
Version 0.9.36
Bug Fixes:
* #1432 - Updating Authenticate to match Unity 5.5 interface.
* #1496 - Fixing NO_GPGS not being honored.
* Disabled JarResolver for iOS, added instructions for CocoaPods.
New Features:
* #1346 - Check if Play Games is installed.
Version 0.9.35
Bug Fixes:
* #1194 - OnPostprocessAllAssets called before Resolver is registered.
* #1209 - Stuck incremental achievements due to lost precision (via PR #1258).
* #1313 - NSInvalidArgumentException in iOS didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken.
* #1360 - Fixed Object not set to instance in PlayServicesResolver.
* #1361 - Removed multiple Resolver version log messages.
* #1371 - Removed warning about unreachable code in GPGSUpgrader.
* #1396 - Logging calls on non-game thread crash in IL2CPP for Android.
Updated CubicPilot to use SceneManager in Unity 5.3+
New Features:
* #1134 - No API for setting OAuth scopes (via PR #1296)
* Added HighSpenderProbability, TotalSpendNext28Days to PlayerStats for Android.
* Improved Jar Resolver - see README.
Version 0.9.34
Bug Fixes:
* #1162 - Cannot build from source
* #1179 - Interfaces should not be under `#if`
* #1175 - Play-services version needs to be updated to 9.0.0
* #1180 - PlayGamesUserProfile.Equals(object obj)` implemented incorrectly
New Features:
* #1085 - Add SpendProbability player stat.
Version 0.9.33
Bug Fixes:
* #1032 - Not able to get user's email.
* #1040 - Cannot parse PBX project for iOS
* #1068 - CreateWithInvitationScreen callback called twice on cancel.
* #1082 - Changed postbuild order to avoid Invalid PBX project.
* #1088 - Disable BITCODE for iOS build
* #1105 - GetServerAuthCode callback should be on game thread.
(also moved other callbacks to be on game thread).
* Improved jar resolver logic during setup.
New Features:
* #990 - Support callback for getting email address.
* Removed dependency on Google+.
Version 0.9.32
Bug Fixes:
* #989 - Fixed misleading messages about RTMP when authenticating.
* #999 - Fixed BuildTarget.iOS reference when using Unity 4.x.
* #1004 - Upgrading from older version of plugin did not remove unused files.
* #1010 - Updated documentation about which Android SDK components
are needed.
* Updated dependency pattern for android-support-v4 to be 23.1+.
New Features:
* Play-services-jar resolver update to 1.1.1.
for details on the changes.
* Added plugin version to manifest.
Version 0.9.31a
Bug Fixes:
* #977 - IsConnectedToRoom always returned false, causing local player
to be removed from real time multiplayer room.
* #971 - NO_GPGS did not remove the Cocoapod dependencies corrrectly.
Version 0.9.31
New Features:
* PlayGamesAchievement (the object returned by
PlayGamesPlatform.LoadAchievements) now includes the current number
of steps and the total number of steps for the corresponding
* Play-services-jar-resolver updated to 1.1. This fixes the
problem of include play-services-measurement which has a variable
in the AndroidManifest.xml file.
Bug Fixes:
* #935 include IFDEF to allow editing in unsupported platforms.
Version 0.9.30
* `PlayerStats` is now a standalone class,
rather than a subclass of `PlayGamesLocalUser`.
All existing references to `PlayGamesLocalUser.PlayerStats`
should now directly refer to `PlayerStats`.
* The `NumOfSessions` property in `PlayerStats` has been renamed
`NumberOfSessions` to be consistent with other properties.
New Features:
* Rebase PlayerStats API to use the Play Games C++ SDK.
* PlayerStats API now supported on iOS.
* Added an option to PlayGamesClientConfiguration to require Google+.
* Updated to use GPGS C++ SDK version 2.1.
* Deprecated GetIdToken and GetAccessToken. Applications should use
`PlayGamesPlatform.GetServerAuthCode()` to use the player's identity
on the server side.
* Updated configuration dialogs exposing the **Require Google Plus** property.
This property should be false if possible, reducing the number of
scopes and permissions the player has to allow. Game developers should
use PlayGamesPlatform.GetServerAuthCode() to pass the player's OAuth
credentials to the server, and use Player.Id when possible for a persistent,
unique identifier for the player rather than email address.
Bug Fixes:
* #917 iOS 9, game freeze after closing authentication window.
* #919 Resolves Android jars even when target is not Android.
* #868 Avoid memory allocations in the PlayGamesHelperObject.
* #865 GetIdToken needs to be asynchronous.
Version 0.9.28
The jar resolution process for importing Play Services has been
standardized with the other Google plugins. If you are upgrading
from 0.9.27, you will need to delete the Assets/GooglePlayGames/Editor
directory and restart Unity, then re-import version 0.9.28.
New Features:
* Integrated Play-services-jar resolver plugin for improved compatibility.
Version 0.9.27a
Bug Fixes:
* #809 Unity 5.3 namespace conflict
Version 0.9.27
New Features:
* Updating Android email and token access for new permissions model.
* Specify directory for generated game resource constants.
* Improved plugin initialization and setup.
* Added getChurnProbability() to PlayerStats.
Bug Fixes:
* #750 AndroidJavaProxy not found when building for iOS.
* #757 Can only start coroutine from main thread.
* #771 Documentation update: what are "Android Resources"
* #772 Disable bitcode in podfile
* #777 Can not get the list of friend images.
* #785 Regression on reportProgress for incremental achievement.
* #610 Stripped version of Play Services client library.
* #565 Minimize client library to avoid 65k dex limit.
* #323 Support for split client aars.
Version 0.9.26
New Features:
* #666 Expose invitation property for Real time game.
* Implement PlayerStats API for the local user.
* Requires version 8.1.5 of play services SDK
Bug Fixes:
* #696 Validate constants classname during setup.
* #709 ShowWaitingRoom cancels match.
* #712 Waiting room does not appear
* #719 Extra web client label in ios Setup dialog
* #726 inviter profile image not loading
* #722 throws NullPointerException
Version 0.9.25 (codename: frengle)
11 Sept 2015
* Cloud Save service (AppState) has been removed.
* The setup dialog now requires the generated resource data from
Google Play Developer Console. This reduces the number of
copy & pastes needed and makes it harder to make a mistake with the
client id.
New Features:
* Updated Configuration setup using Resource data from Play Console.
* Added support for exclusiveBitmask in Turnbased quickmatches.
* Implementing Google Auth 2.0 for iOS authentication
* #120 implement setStepsAtLeast for achievements
* #274 Added the score reception functionality - method LoadCurrentScore
* #256 Get all turn-based invitations
* #259 implement LoadAchievements
* #186 Return Leaderboard Rank?
* #380 Callback on CreateWithInvitationScreen
* #480 Get score rank after submitting
* #503 LoadScores not implemented
* #546 Loading friends of logged in user. (Thanks @ashkan-saeedi-mazdeh
for the initial implementation).
* #617 Get all turn-based matches
Bug Fixes:
* #182 Response to Submit Score or Load Scores
* #387 OnLeftRoom not called when application is paused
* #445 Variant error in turn based match
* #563 Custom UI for invitation UI.
* #614 OnRoomConnected() getting called twice after implementing ShowWaitingRoomUI
* #619 NO_GPGS does not work with Symlink Unity libraries
* #655 Authenticate fails at first, then succeeds second time
Version 0.9.21
* #382 Callback for declined invitation when creating RTMP room
This change adds the method `OnParticipantLeft` to the
`RealTimeMultiplayerListener` interface. Existing games that use this interface
need to add an implementation of this method.
New Features:
* #136 Callback for ShowLeaderboardUI()
* #392 Support for Default waiting room for RTMP
* #498 Bitmask filter in CreateQuickGame
* #537 Exposing Saved Games Delete API
* iOS builds will use Cocoapods if installed to build xcode project.
Bug Fixes
* #440 No callback from ReportProgress
* #444 Can Rematch always returns false
* #483 IncrementAchievement does not update Achievement data cache
* #488 Peers disconnected right after OnRoomConnected
* #568 Exception with null or empty image URL
* Fixed Setup dialogs not laidout correctly.
2015-05-01 Version 0.9.20 (codename: ewokian)
New Features:
* Support for Events and Quests
* Support for Nearby Connections
Bug Fixes:
* #275 Plugin crashes when sending invite for iOS RTMP
* #326 Not always receiving invitations in iOS
* #363 Save Games not working on iOS
* #375 Authentication Return calls before initialization done
* #379 OnPeersDisconnected(string[] participantIds) is never called
* #443 ERROR_NOT_AUTHORIZED on re-login
* #453 NO_GPGS causes unreachable code warnings
* #454 Error building Player: IOException: android-support-v4.jar already exists
Version 0.9.15 (codename: auto-dogey5)
New Features:
* #276 Added support for excluding Google Play Game Services for iOS build (NO_GPGS)
Bug Fixes:
* #376 Moved Editor scripts into GooglePlayGames/Editor to reduce script sprawl.
* #331 Corrected Download menu item text.
* #331 Added support for new android-support jar location.
* #331 Removed Google play services version check when building.
* #361 Fixed player image not refreshed when changing players.
* #318 Removed armeabi libraries which broke Unity 5 building.
* #371 Unable to reshow Achievement or Leaderboard UI after Home button is pressed
Version 0.9.12 (codename: auto-dogey)
New features:
* Refactored AndroidSetup script to facilitate automated builds.
* Refactored Samples to be packaged as custom packaged Assets vs. projects.
Version 0.9.11 (codename: extra-dogey)
New features:
* Image property of IUserProfile implemented
* An implementation of Saved Games is now available. This obviates the old
cloud save feature, which is deprecated and will be removed. See
ISavedGameClient.cs for more details.
API Changes:
* RTMP Clients will no longer automatically call LeaveRoom when
they are removed from the connected set. Also, the local player
will never appear as a participant in
* The PlayGamesPlatform must be configured before it can be used.
See PlayGamesClientConfiguration, PlayGamesPlatform.InitializeInstance,
and PlayGamesClientFactory.GetPlatformPlayGamesClient.
Bug Fixes:
* #309 - LeaderboardManager calls ShowAllUI when using leaderboard id
2014-11-14 Version 0.9.10 (codename: doge)
This release is a major rearchitecting of the plugin to use
the Play Games C++ SDK. This allows us to re-use the same code on
all supported platforms, reducing codesize and decreasing the
work required to add new features. This release makes few
developer-facing API changes, apart from those required for
correctness reasons.
New features:
* Post-process build is handled by pure C# code rather than
bash / shell scripts.
* Implemented on top of the cross platform C++ Play Games SDK
API Changes:
* Conversions from int to uint where applicable:
- TurnBasedMatch.AvailableAutomatchSlots
- TurnBasedMatch.Variant
- IPlayGamesClient.IncrementAchievement
- IRealTimeMultiplayerClient.CreateQuickGame
- IRealTimeMultiplayerClient.CreateWithInvitationScreen
- ITurnBasedMultiplayerClient.CreateQuickGame
- ITurnBasedMultiplayerClient.CreateWithInvitationScreen
* Removes support for cloud state on iOS (a crossplatform
alternative is coming soon).
* Removes cloud state encrypter (only used by iOS).
* Real Time multiplayer calls will fail immediately when the
current match is being left or is shutdown.
* Turn-based multiplayer APIs now take instances of TurnBasedMatch
rather than just match ID. This is required for correctness
(the previous API allowed silently overwriting updated matches).
2014-03-17 Version 0.9.00 (codename: cuiaba)
New features:
* Turn-based multiplayer (iOS, Android)
* Real-time multiplayer (iOS, Android)
Bug fixes:
* #49 - double cancellation necessary
* #40 - add account crashes app
* #25 - Action Scheduled for Later
* properly close Achievement buffer
* fix memory management on iOS
* minor fixes
2014-02-04 Version 0.8.01 (codename: brasilia)
Updates all plug in code to use new Google Play Services
programming pattern (GoogleApiClient) and provides a few
bug fixes.
* References to GamesClient and AppStateClient updated to use GoogleApiClient
* Bug fix: GetUserId() occasionally causing crashes on IOS
* Bug fix: IsAuthenticated() returning true immediatly after SignOut()
* Bug fix: GPGSAppController.m missing call to super
* Bug fix: Error dialogs pop up briefly when no network available
* Bug fix: PostProcessBuildPlayer not friendly with other plugins
* Bug fix: Missing AddressBook.framework in iOS build instructions
2013-12-10 Version 0.8.00 (codename: altamira)
Initial launch.