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pragma solidity ^0.4.17;
import "zeppelin-solidity/contracts/math/SafeMath.sol";
import "zeppelin-solidity/contracts/lifecycle/Pausable.sol";
import "zeppelin-solidity/contracts/ownership/Contactable.sol";
import "./IPricingStrategy.sol";
import "./token/PlayHallToken.sol";
contract SaleBase is Pausable, Contactable {
using SafeMath for uint;
// The token being sold
PlayHallToken public token;
// start and end timestamps where purchases are allowed (both inclusive)
uint public startTime;
uint public endTime;
// address where funds are collected
address public wallet;
// the contract, which determine how many token units a buyer gets per wei
IPricingStrategy public pricingStrategy;
// amount of raised money in wei
uint public weiRaised;
// amount of tokens that was sold on the crowdsale
uint public tokensSold;
// maximum amount of wei in total, that can be bought
uint public weiMaximumGoal;
// if weiMinimumGoal will not be reached till endTime, buyers will be able to refund ETH
uint public weiMinimumGoal;
// minimum amount of wel, that can be contributed
uint public weiMinimumAmount;
// How many distinct addresses have bought
uint public buyerCount;
// how much wei we have returned back to the contract after a failed crowdfund
uint public loadedRefund;
// how much wei we have given back to buyers
uint public weiRefunded;
// how much ETH each address has bought to this crowdsale
mapping (address => uint) public boughtAmountOf;
// whether a buyer already bought some tokens
mapping (address => bool) public isBuyer;
// whether a buyer bought tokens through other currencies
mapping (address => bool) public isExternalBuyer;
address public admin;
* event for token purchase logging
* @param purchaser who paid for the tokens
* @param beneficiary who got the tokens
* @param value weis paid for purchase
* @param tokenAmount amount of tokens purchased
event TokenPurchase(
address indexed purchaser,
address indexed beneficiary,
uint value,
uint tokenAmount
// a refund was processed for an buyer
event Refund(address buyer, uint weiAmount);
event RefundLoaded(uint amount);
function SaleBase(
uint _startTime,
uint _endTime,
IPricingStrategy _pricingStrategy,
PlayHallToken _token,
address _wallet,
uint _weiMaximumGoal,
uint _weiMinimumGoal,
uint _weiMinimumAmount,
address _admin
) public
require(_startTime >= now);
require(_endTime >= _startTime);
require(address(_token) != 0x0);
require(_wallet != 0x0);
require(_weiMaximumGoal > 0);
require(_admin != 0x0);
startTime = _startTime;
endTime = _endTime;
pricingStrategy = _pricingStrategy;
token = _token;
wallet = _wallet;
weiMaximumGoal = _weiMaximumGoal;
weiMinimumGoal = _weiMinimumGoal;
weiMinimumAmount = _weiMinimumAmount;
admin = _admin;
modifier onlyOwnerOrAdmin() {
require(msg.sender == owner || msg.sender == admin);
// fallback function can be used to buy tokens
function () external payable {
// low level token purchase function
function buyTokens(address beneficiary) public whenNotPaused payable returns (bool) {
uint weiAmount = msg.value;
require(beneficiary != 0x0);
require(weiAmount >= weiMinimumAmount);
// calculate token amount to be created
uint tokenAmount = pricingStrategy.calculateTokenAmount(weiAmount, weiRaised);
mintTokenToBuyer(beneficiary, tokenAmount, weiAmount);
return true;
function mintTokenToBuyer(address beneficiary, uint tokenAmount, uint weiAmount) internal {
if (!isBuyer[beneficiary]) {
// A new buyer
isBuyer[beneficiary] = true;
boughtAmountOf[beneficiary] = boughtAmountOf[beneficiary].add(weiAmount);
weiRaised = weiRaised.add(weiAmount);
tokensSold = tokensSold.add(tokenAmount);, tokenAmount, true);
TokenPurchase(msg.sender, beneficiary, weiAmount, tokenAmount);
// return true if the transaction can buy tokens
function validPurchase(uint weiAmount) internal constant returns (bool) {
bool withinPeriod = now >= startTime && now <= endTime;
bool withinCap = weiRaised.add(weiAmount) <= weiMaximumGoal;
return withinPeriod && withinCap;
// return true if crowdsale event has ended
function hasEnded() public constant returns (bool) {
bool capReached = weiRaised >= weiMaximumGoal;
bool afterEndTime = now > endTime;
return capReached || afterEndTime;
// get the amount of unsold tokens allocated to this contract;
function getWeiLeft() external constant returns (uint) {
return weiMaximumGoal - weiRaised;
// return true if the crowdsale has raised enough money to be a successful.
function isMinimumGoalReached() public constant returns (bool) {
return weiRaised >= weiMinimumGoal;
// allows to update tokens rate for owner
function setPricingStrategy(IPricingStrategy _pricingStrategy) external onlyOwner returns (bool) {
pricingStrategy = _pricingStrategy;
return true;
* Allow load refunds back on the contract for the refunding.
* The team can transfer the funds back on the smart contract in the case the minimum goal was not reached..
function loadRefund() external payable {
require(msg.sender == wallet);
require(msg.value > 0);
loadedRefund = loadedRefund.add(msg.value);
* Buyers can claim refund.
* Note that any refunds from proxy buyers should be handled separately,
* and not through this contract.
function refund() external {
require(!isMinimumGoalReached() && loadedRefund > 0);
uint weiValue = boughtAmountOf[msg.sender];
require(weiValue > 0);
boughtAmountOf[msg.sender] = 0;
weiRefunded = weiRefunded.add(weiValue);
Refund(msg.sender, weiValue);
function registerPayment(address beneficiary, uint tokenAmount, uint weiAmount) public onlyOwnerOrAdmin {
isExternalBuyer[beneficiary] = true;
mintTokenToBuyer(beneficiary, tokenAmount, weiAmount);
function registerPayments(address[] beneficiaries, uint[] tokenAmounts, uint[] weiAmounts) external onlyOwnerOrAdmin {
require(beneficiaries.length == tokenAmounts.length);
require(tokenAmounts.length == weiAmounts.length);
for (uint i = 0; i < beneficiaries.length; i++) {
registerPayment(beneficiaries[i], tokenAmounts[i], weiAmounts[i]);
function setAdmin(address adminAddress) external onlyOwner {
admin = adminAddress;