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SMS Autorespond, a better version of SMS Autoreply plugin for playSMS.

This plugin will scan for each incoming SMS for a match with configured regular expression and reply automatically based on its setup.

The main difference with SMS Autoreply is the incoming SMS scanned based on patterns, not keyword and scenarios.

Info Data
Author Anton Raharja
Created 151103
Last update 151129
Version 2
Compatibility playSMS 1.1 and above
License GPLv3


Version 2

  • change to hook recvsms_intercept_after() to fix missing feature and status
  • change name from sms_autorespond to autorespond

Version 1

  • changelog started


  • How to check duplicate regex, 2 entries can have seemingly different regexs but actually matching the same thing
  • If we know how to check duplicates then we can let non-admin accounts to add the service themselves, now for admin only


If you have installed previous version then you need to remove it before installing this version.

  1. Remove sms_autorespond files and folder, but do not remove the DB table
  2. Follow below installation steps EXCEPT point 3, the SQL file don't need to be re-inserted


Current version of this plugin should work with playSMS 1.1 and above.

Here is how to install it on a working playSMS:

  1. Stop playsmsd, just make sure to stop it
  2. Copy web/plugin/feature/autorespond to the playSMS plugin/feature folder
  3. Insert web/plugin/feature/autorespond/db/install.sql to your playSMS database
  4. Re-start playsmsd
  5. Login to web with admin accounts and visit Features -> Manage autorespond


Example 1

Here is the configuration example:

Example 1

Configuration above will scan incoming SMS and match with incoming SMS containing the word code (case-insensitive) followed by a number from 1 to 3 digits length.

SMS like these will match: code 123 Code 45 CODE 6 Code895

SMS like these will not match: code1234 Code 876543 CODE


SMS Autorespond for playSMS. Scan incoming SMS, match with regular expression and auto-respond when match found.




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