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One Time Password plugin for playSMS. This plugin provides webservices for sending OTP.

Info Data
Author Anton Raharja
Created 160715
Last update 160716
Version 1
Compatibility playSMS 1.1 and above
License GPLv3


Version 1

  • changelog started


Current version of this plugin should work with playSMS 1.1 and above.

Here is how to install it on a working playSMS:

  • Just copy web/plugin/feature/otp to the playSMS plugin/feature folder
  • No need to restart playsmsd


User app must consume playSMS webservices with following parameters:

Parameters Description
u playSMS username
h playSMS webservices token
msisdn Mobile phone number
template Message template containing {OTP} phrase
len Length of OTP, default is 4

playSMS will returns:

Parameters Description
status Request status, OK or ERR
error Error number, 0 or other number
error_string Error string
data Upon successful request the data will contain OTP information

OTP information:

Parameters Description
otp One Time Password, numeric only
msisdn Mobile phone number
message Translated message template
smslog_id playSMS SMS Log ID
queue playSMS queue code

Request example:


Returns example:

{"status":"OK","error":"0","error_string":"","data":{"otp":"211539","msisdn":"0987654321","message":"Your verification code is 211539","smslog_id":"7","queue":"6d127347ad3fc747833d5b71246090f8"}}