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Welcome to PlayTo Help Documentation

Table of contents

  1. What is PlayTo
  2. Refunds
  3. PlayTo vs PlayTo Lite
  4. How to get PlayTo or PlayTo Lite working
  5. Troubleshooting PlayTo
  6. Showbox App and PlayTo integration
  7. Device Detection
  8. Support for online channels
  9. Integration with Windows Share
  10. Integration with Kodi

What is PlayTo?

PlayTo lets you browse and find online and local content and then watch them on any TV or network ready media devices - PlayTo supports UPnP, DLNA, AirPlay, Roku, Chromecast, Google TV devices.


We do not offer refunds, as there is a PlayTo Lite version before you buy the PlayTo Universal version that lets you test streaming from various channels for 10-minutes. Please do not purchase the app if you're having issues, buying a paid version will not magically make it work.

PlayTo Lite vs PlayTo

PlayTo lite is the free version of the application. We recommend you to try PlayTo lite working before purchasing the premium version. Once purchased, please uninstall the PlayTo Lite application and open the newly installed PlayTo app and enjoy!

How to get PlayTo or PlayTo Lite working?

Tap on the PlayTo Icon

Tap on PlayTo icon to launch the application. If your Android phone/tablet has no WiFi connection available a pop-up will help you connect.

Device Detection From PlayTo

After successful WiFi connection the app would search for all the connected devices. If a supported device is found, a notification is displayed and is set as the active device.

  • If more than one device is found then click on the PlayTo button at the top right to select the device you want to make active. You can press and hold the device to make the device active always.
  • If your device is not found, you can add it manually by clicking "Add Device" and then picking the proper device type and specifying the IP address of the device. Note: You can only add Roku, Google TV and Airplay devices using this scheme. Airplay compatible speakers and receivers are not supported by PlayTo.
  • If your devices are connected to your network but are not showing up then make sure "UPnP or Multicasting" options are enabled in your router. If your router instead has a "Filter Multicast" then disable it. Please refer your router help for more detailed instructions. Some android devices might have this option as well in Android settings, make sure they are set properly.

Select Source

Select the source of content - Online, Home, Device, Queued, or select one of our featured online channel.

Online Media

Tap on any of the icons to select the a channel, the application takes you to the channel website in the embedded browser. Browse the site and find the videos you wish to play, once you tap on the video, the application will play the video full screen.

Home Media

This option brings up a list of all the media servers in your home network. Browse to server/folder of your choice - tap to play the media.

PlayTo TV or Add to Queue

While the audio/video is playing, the application presents two transculent buttons at the top.

Play Here Option

While the audio/video is playing on TV you have an option to continue playing on the phone on tablet.

Playing your Queue

Queued up media files can be played using your TV, XBox or P3 remote.

Troubleshooting PlayTo

If you're experiencing issues when using PlayTo, try to follow these few simple steps to see if they will help you before contacting support.

  1. If you have multiple routers on your network, make sure that your Android device and casting destination are connected to the same one.
  2. Make sure you have no network bottlenecks, such as other devices, that might be slowing your network down.
  3. Reboot your device, casting location if local and your wireless router.
  4. Make sure your tablet or phone is not sleeping while you are playing that the moive does not get cutoff.

Showbox App and PlayTo integration

Show Box supports casting to MX Player in a proprietary scheme which prevents others application like PlayTo to play and cast them


GrowBox is an APK that pretends that it is MX Player, and properly sends along the video url and headers received from Show Box to any app. You can now potentially cast with any supporting casting app again. Download it from Growbox


Uninstall MX Player if you have it installed. GrowBox needs to simulate that app. Install the Growbox APK. In Show Box when you pick a video, make sure “External Player” is chosen instead of “Internal Player” When you click on Watch Now, you'll once again see a "open with" option and choose PlayTo

Note that MX Player needs to be uninstalled.

Follow this thread if you are running into issues - Trouble shooting Growbox.

##Device Detection If you are facing issues in detecting your media device, please try rebooting your router, media device, and phone. This usually resolves the problem. Make sure UPnP or mutlticast setting is enable in your router settings. Alternatively some router have an option "Filter Multicast" which should be disabled.

If your device is not found automatically then you can add it manually. In the top right corner, you'll see a TV icon, click it and in the ensuing dialog click "Add Device" and then pick the device ip as the media device's and give it a name and add the IP.


Install our PlayTo channel from [Roku channel store.] (

  1. Launch PlayTo on your phone/tablet.
  2. Wait till it finds the Roku device and make sure it is the active device using the top right button.
  3. Visit any of the online channels, say Youtube.
  4. Select a video and make sure it plays locally on the device in a fullscreen.
  5. Now click on the yellow flashing PlayTo button on the top or right.
  6. Your Roku should pick up the video and play.

Roku devices only support MP4 formatted files as part of remote streaming, this is a Roku limitation - can you convert these files into MP4 or record them in that format for you to successfully stream to Roku.

A common problem on Roku with local content is only video is being displayed but no sound. Videos on the phone might be using an audio codec that is not supported by Roku. Make sure the audio is in AAC or MP3, your phone should provide a setting you might be able to configure.


If you are having difficulty detecting your chromecast, reboot it by unplugging from power and plugging it back in. If this still does not work, hold the reset button on the device for 30 seconds to factory reset and go back through the setup with the chromecast app.

Ensure Google Play Services app is updated and you are signed in.

Lastly, if you have a multi-band router, disable the 5ghz band as Chromecast sometimes hates to see two different signaled networks. Also, go into the settings of your router to turn off any multi-cast filtering that might be in place.

If your router is old (more than two years) it may not be compatible with Chromecast and streaming. Consider upgrading to a newer device.

Chromecast does not support MKV.


If you are having trouble casting to your Apple TV, first check if there is a sharing password. If so, remove it and try again. Also, try rebooting the device as well.

Apple TV halts after sometime and resumes. This is a problem with some of the Apple TV models that they halt after a 1min of video playback. Though we could not find the cause of the issue, we introduced a fallback scheme to recover from it. The good news is it mostly happens only once irrespective of the length of the video.

We only support Apple TV but not Airplay devices as those devices are protected by AppleTV encryption and they license it to hardware makers.

Apple TV does not support MKV.


Make sure in your Samsung setting, Nearyby devices is enabled for all apps. You will have to restart the app once you enable it.


Please make sure you have the following settings enabled

  1. Settings--->Network--->Home Network Setup --->Remote Device/Renderer (Click on it)
  2. Goto Remote Device/Renderer, this should be ON
  3. Goto Renderer access control, this should be ALLOW
  4. Goto Render Options --->Auto Access Permission, this should be ALLOW

More detailed explanation from SonyWebsite.

Support for online channels

We support any site that supports HTML5 videos. Open the site in your regular browser and Share the page to PlayTo and then stream it your media player or TV.

Integration with Windows Share

Please follow the following steps to view media from a local windows share.

  1. Download Plex Media Server and run on you PC.
  2. Configure Plex to scan your the folder where the videos are located (make sure they are in MP4 format).
  3. Now open PlayTo app on your Android and make sure the desired casting device is selected as the active device in the top right.
  4. Browse to Home Media and see Plex being listed.
  5. Click Plex and navigate to video.
  6. Click to Play Video.
  7. Now click the blinking Cast icon and the video will play on your casting device.

Integration with Kodi

Please follow the following steps to integration PlayTo Roku & NowTV app with Kodi.

Make sure you have downloaded PlayTo Roku

Download ES FileExplorer File Manager

Download the PlayerFactoryCore.xml file on to your phone.

Open ES File Explorer

File Explorer

Pull the left menu and click on Settings

Left Menu

In Settings make sure ‘Show hidden files’ is checked

Hidden Files

Open the explorer and go to Local -> Device -> sdcard -> Download directory

Download Dir

Long press on playercorefactory.xml and click copy icon


Go to the explorer and open the ‘Android’ folder


Open the data folder, and proceed to org.xbmc.kodi -> files -> .kodi -> userdata


Click the paste icon to paste the playercorefactory.xml to the userdata folder

Play a video in Kodi and PlayTo Roku app should launch

Enjoy casting the video from Kodi to your casting device with PlayTo.

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